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Pre-Entry Access Course 2016

Recruitment for the Pre-entry Access Programme 2016-2017 is now CLOSED TO NEW APPLICATIONS.

This course is designed to address the needs of students who would like to study towards a degree, but who have been away from full-time education for some time and do not have the necessary qualications to get into higher education.

Students on our Pre-entry Access course come from a range of backgrounds with different learning needs and objectives:

  • some have no qualifications
  • some have qualifications which are out of date (normally more than 5 years old)
  • some are interested in finding out what university-style study is like before applying for full-time study  

To be eligible for entry at least three years must have elapsed since you left school or full-time education. This is because our experience indicates that such a period allows people to develop their abilities in managing their time and commitments, and to foster the motivation to further study which is particularly important to success. In addition, it allows you time to decide upon your chosen study route and formulate your career aspirations. It is therefore important that you have adequate work or life experience outside the school system. 

The course aims to equip you with the necessary skills for undergraduate study within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Business School, as well as familiarising you with what a major university has to offer.

Course information is provided in the sections below.


The course offers a broad introduction to a range of subjects in the fields of Arts, Business, Law and Social Sciences.  

You are required to attend three modules of academic disciplines each lasting 7 weeks over the academic session.  The following choice* of disciplines are on offer:

Module 1: History, Business Management or Italian.

Module 2: English, Politics or French.

Module 3: Psychology or Law.

*Please note that the subjects on offer and their module allocation may change.

NB. If you wish to apply for the LLB degree, the Law and English modules must be taken.  

If you wish to apply for degree programmes within the Business School you must take Business Management as a module choice.

Students for whom English is not their first language are expected to have at least 6.5 IELTS before commencing on the course. 

Students may take only one language in total e.g. either French or Italian. 

In addition, to module classes a range of Learning Support Evenings are provided giving advice on essay writing, time management and preparation for examinations.  Many students have not written anything for several years and these classes are designed to enable students to master the skills needed in handling information which is vital for undergraduate study.


Where and When

The course is offered in the evening, making it ideal for working students who are attracted to academic study (as well as those who are out of work). It is taught by University lecturers and also offers study advice and guidance on what to expect as an undergraduate student. Classes are held within the University’s John Anderson Campus in Richmond Street, off George Street, in the centre of Glasgow and within easy reach of railway stations and bus terminals.

The course runs on Monday evenings and consists of 25 x 2-hour meetings (6.00-8.00pm).  Further private study of 3 to 5 hours is expected of students. You will therefore require around 5 to 7 hours of commitment per week. 

Attendance at classes is monitored because they are an essential part of your learning experience.  There is a minimum attendance requirement which must be met in order to be awarded credit. You are embarking a most important part of your life.  This is a course which you may be taking to change your life, and it may seem obvious to say that the course should be your first priority.   

The course commences with an Introductory Evening in mid September 2016.

Entry qualifications

There are no formal entry qualifications for the course.

Students on our Pre-entry Access course come from a range of backgrounds with different learning needs and objectives.  Our students come from all walks of life, comprise of a wide range of ages and have a variety of educational skills and abilities.  All our students are keen to return to learning with a view to working towards a degree course at University.    

Pre-entry course applicants should have had at least 3 years break from full-time education and will have developed the maturity and independence needed to cope with university-style learning.

Applicants whose first language is not English must be able to satisfy us that their spoken English is good enough for them to have a realistic chance of doing well on the course. The minimum requirement is 6.5 IELTS or equivalent.

As applications exceed the number of places available, please provide full details in your online application, paying particular attention to the statement describing why you wish to undertake the course.

Some applicants may be invited for an informal interview.


Assessment is based on the following:

  • A general essay of around 1000 words which is unassessed numerically but treated as a learning exercise.  It will not count towards students final mark but must be completed in order to achieve a pass.
  • Three further pieces of course work i.e. one for each module.
  • A written examination of 3 hours duration, held in May.

The Final Mark for the course will consist of a weighted average of your coursework (50% of final mark) and the final examination (50% of final mark).

Onward study

On successful completion of the course you may, depending on your level of performance, be considered for entry to:

  • the full-time and part-time BA degree in Arts and Social Sciences
  • the full-time and part-time LLB degree in Law
  • certain courses within the School of Education
  • certain courses in the Business School.

Students who wish to be considered for the LLB degree course must take both the Law and English modules.

Students who do not have English as their first language must take the English module unless they have an alternative English qualification. Students wishing to apply for degree programmes within the Business School must take Business Management as one of their module choices.

Students should also note that due to the demand for places entry is competitive and that the UCAS personal statement may be used as a further selection criterion in addition to the Pre-Entry course result.

We are unable to guarantee that attainment of the required mark will result in an offer of a place on your chosen degree programme.

The Pre-Entry Access Course is also recognised for the purpose of consideration for entry to degree programmes at other universities. Entry requirements may differ and it is suggested you contact the university of your choice to confirm these.


The Pre-entry Access Course is worth 30 university credits at SCQF Level 7 under the title 'Access to University Study'.  This means that on successful completion of the course you will be awarded this credit.  Should you take up a place on an undergraduate degree programme at Strathclyde, you will surrender these credits upon entry to University.  If you do not take up a place at the University of Strathclyde, you may be able to take these credits to another institution.

Course Fees and Funding *UPDATED 18/05/16*

The current fee is £400 (payment is due after you have been formally accepted onto the course).

If you earn £25000 or less, funding may be available to you through SAAS’s Part-Time Fee Grant (PTFG).  This will fund a maximum of £321 of the course fee. Please visit for more information and to apply.

The course is also eligible for Skills Development Scotland Individual Learning Accounts (SDS ILAs) which may be used to part-fund up to £200 of the fee.  For more information about eligibility and to apply please contact Skills Development Scotland.  Please note that your ILA account must be open prior to the course start date.  We cannot offer reimbursement of course fees for ILAs that only become active after this date.

You can use either of these funding sources, if eligible, but not both.  If you have already applied for an ILA to use for this course and now wish to apply for the PTFG instead, then please go ahead and apply for PTFG - they will automatically close your ILA account if it has not been used.  If you have already used your ILA then you will have to wait until your learner year ends before you are eligible for the PTFG.

How to Apply



If you have further questions about this course please contact Programme Assistant, Lisa Donaldson (telephone 0141 548 4147 or email

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