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International Public Policy Institute

The International Public Policy Institute (IPPI) aims to deliver measurable impact on societal outcomes in Scotland, the UK and internationally.

IPPI builds on Strathclyde’s interdisciplinary research strengths in Energy, Health, Education & Social Policy, Government & the Public Sector, Economic Development and Future Cities with the aim to make better policy - policy that works.

Making better policy, policy that works

IPPI curates, communicates and internationalises public policy research at Strathclyde and  connects it to current public policy debate. With its Policy Centres and Visiting Professors, IPPI publishes Policy Briefs, promotes policy discussion via policy seminars and lectures, develops research-led international policy links and develops and strengthens cross-disciplinary public policy research and teaching at Strathclyde.

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  • Mon
    Minding Scotland's Money´╗┐

    This day-long conference will take stock of the current economic situation in Scotland, and will look to the future issues.

  • Wed
    Centre for Energy Policy: Elephants in Energy

    As the Scottish Government looks to the development of an energy strategy, Ian Marchant will address some of the elephants in the energy policy world that should be considered head on within that strategy but are all too often conveniently ignored or taken as a given constraint. As is usually the case, he will stir things up a bit.

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What's next after the EU referendum?

IPPI Executive Director David Wilson takes a look at the current situation and suggests what may be next after the EU referendum.

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