Dr John Levine

Senior Lecturer

Computer and Information Sciences


A hybrid integer programming and variable neighborhood search algorithm to solve Nurse Rostering Problems
Rahimian Erfan, Akartunali Kerem, Levine John
European Journal of Operational Research Vol 258, pp. 411–423, (2017)
A hybrid integer and constraint programming approach to solve nurse rostering problems
Rahimian Erfan, Akartunali Kerem, Levine John
Computers & Operations Research Vol 82, pp. 83-94, (2017)
AI-based game design patterns
Treanor Mike, Zook Alexander, Eladhari Mirjam P, Togelius Julian, Smith Gillian, Cook Michael, Thompson Tommy, Magerko Brian, Levine John, Smith Adam
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games 2015 (FDG 2015), (2015)
A hybrid constraint integer programming approach to solve nurse scheduling problems
Rahimian Erfan, Akartunali Kerem, Levine John
Mista 2015 Proceedings of the 7th Multidisciplinary International Scheduling ConferenceProceedings of the Multidisciplinary International Conference on Scheduling: Theory and Applications, pp. 429-442, (2015)
Optimising plans using genetic programming
Westerberg C. Henrik, Levine John
Proceedings of the Sixth European Conference on Planning, (2014)
General video game playing
Levine John, Bates Congdon Clare, Ebner Marc, Kendall Graham, Lucas Simon M., Miikkulainen Risto, Schaul Tom, Thompson Tommy
Artificial and Computational Intelligence in GamesDagstuhl Follow-Ups, (2013)

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Computer and Information Sciences
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