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Undergraduate students from Scotland

Scottish-domiciled undergraduate students studying at Strathclyde from 2012/13 on

(Note: 'country of domicile' is usually a student's parental address for students under 25 and a student's normal home address for students over 25. It is also assumed that students are UK citizens and have been resident in Scotland in the years preceding commencement of their course. If you are in any doubt regarding your citizenship or country of domicile, you should consult the Student Awards Agency for Scotland )

The main points to note about your financial arrangements are :

Tuition fees will be met on your behalf by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). (This assumes that you are entering Higher education for the first time - if you have previously attended university or college, you should contact SAAS to check your eligibility to have fees paid on your behalf).
You will be eligible for a student loan, the value of which will be determined (for students under 25) by parental income. For students over 25, loan size may be influenced by the earnings of a spouse or civil partner. Students under 25 who are financially independent of their parents, or who are married or have a partnership akin to marriage can apply to SAAS for 'Independent' status.

You may be eligible for a non-repayable bursary, again depending on household income.

There are additional means-tested allowances e.g. Lone Parents' Grant, Adult Dependants' Grant. There is also the Disabled Student's Allowance, which is not means-tested.

(Note: the above position applies to almost all undergraduate courses offered at Strathclyde. There are two courses - Speech and Language Pathology and Prosthetics and Orthotics - for which the balance of loan and bursary is slightly different, and for which application procedures are different. Please contact for further information). Please note also that the above arrangements will not apply if you are a Scottish-domiciled student and choose to study in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. Your financial position in this case will be similar to that of an English-domiciled student studying at an English university.

Further details on the above arrangements are available from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland.

Undergraduate students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Please visit our Studying in Scotland website for more information.


Undergraduate students from the EU

Tuition fees - EU Students
Full-time undergraduate (intending on graduating) New students from the EU commencing a course of undergraduate study in September with the intention of graduating from the University of Strathclyde should submit an application form to the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) for payment of their tuition fees to Strathclyde. SAAS will assess each application on an individual basis.
Note: Unlike UK students, EU students are not generally eligible to apply for a student loan to assist with their living costs.

Visiting undergraduate (non-graduating, receiving credits)

Visiting EU nationals applying to the University on a non-graduating basis are required to pay tuition fees for their study period at Strathclyde. Students coming for one semester will be required to pay approximately 50% of this fee depending on how many credits they are taking.

International and Postgraduate students

Information is available here regarding Scholarships and Funding.


Tuition Fees for 2016-17 Entry
Tuition Fees for 2015-16 Entry

Please note that all fees are subject to change in subsequent years.

Undergraduate fees 2015/16

Postgraduate fees 2015/16

English Language Tuition fees 2015/16



Tuition Fees for 2014-15 Entry
EU Referendum

Following the result of the EU Referendum on 23rdJune 2016, the Scottish Government has confirmed that there will be no change to the funding arrangements for the duration of studies of our current EU students and those commencing in 2016-17, and freedom of movement provisions are also unchanged.

For further information please see:

Message from the Principal

Message from the Scottish Government

Funding statement from SAAS

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