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Fiona has had a bouncing baby boy Congratulations to both.

Nikon XT H 320 XRay CT scanner now  operational.

New multi specimen changer for Bruker XRD now fitted

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Welcome to The Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMRL)

The Advanced Materials Research Laboratory is a collaborative initiative between Departments within the Faculty of Engineering to develop new materials characterisation and testing research facilities. The facility comprises 2 designated Advanced Materials Research Laboratories within the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering;

Materials Characterisation Laboratory (JW224) comprising forensic analytical techniques including SEM/ FESEM with EDS, WDS, EBSD, STEM, coolstage and in-situ Experimental Mechanics (Deben microtest 2kN tensile testing).

XRD powder diffraction, residual stress, texture and 20000 C heat stage. with multi sample holder

Laser Flash thermal diffusivity plus TGA / DSC and Dilatometry/ TMA

Intrusion Porosimetery 900 micron to 3.5 nm pore diameter. 

Nikon XT H 320 XRay CT scanner .

 Experimental Mechanics Laboratory (JW124) houses a complete suite of mechanical testing equipment for tensile, compression and fatigue testing from tens of Newtons to 250kN 

Additional AMRL equipment is housed within the Department of Bioengineering and a third designated laboratory hosted within the Department of Civil Engineering (JW109) including AFM (with nano indenter)



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Address: Lab JW124 and JW224 James Weir Building 75 Montrose Street Glasgow G11XJ