The University corporate website has been built with accessibility in mind using a content management system. These pages offer support in navigating the site and increasing the text size. It also directs you to support for customising your view of the website and introduces tools which can enhance your web experience.

Navigating the University website

Finding your place in the site

The main horizontal navigation bar at the top of each page shows each section of the site. The vertical navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page gives the navigation options within a section. There is also a 'breadcrumb' trail below the main horizontal navigation bar that provides a hierarchy of links from the current page back to the home page.

Skipping the navigation

We have included a 'skip to content' link as one of the first entries on the page. If you select this link you will be taken straight to the page heading, and then the page content.

Returning to the homepage

When you want to return to the home page, you can click on the 'home' link on the horizontal navigation bars or on the University of Strathclyde logo.

Displaying the website to suit your preferences

Increasing the size of the page and text

  • To increase the size of the page and the font press Ctrl and +
  • To decrease the size of the page and the font size press Ctrl and -

Customising your display - My web my way

The BBC has developed a site My web my way which provides a series of How To guides packed with information, step by step instructions and video guides. These have been developed to cover a diverse range of user requirements and preferences across a wide range of browsers and platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux).

BrowseAloud and Readability - Free tools to support your web experience


BrowseAloud adds speech and reading support tools to online content. The University has a site licence for BrowseAloud which means anyone accessing the University site can do so with speech support. BrowseAloud can be downloaded from the BrowseAloud site. There is also a further tool called BrowseAloud Plus which the University is considering. This will appear as a toolbar within the website and therefore will allow anyone accessing the site to use its features without the need to first download the tool. 

Report issues

If you are finding the University website inaccessible we want to hear from you.


If the difficulty experienced relates to the web site please email the web team:

Web content

If the difficulty experienced relates more to inaccessibility of the materials encountered, please contact the department hosting the information, or you may contact, assistive technology team: