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The field of mechanical engineering has a broad application which means it can benefit several facets of society.  Within the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, our goal is to train the best engineering professionals and leaders to go out in to the workforce to bring about high-impact change through the application of mechanical engineering.  Strathclyde graduates hold the technical and professional skills valued by employers.

Professor Bradley Wynne

Strathclyde partners with Ulster in £6 million energy project

The University of Strathclyde is lending its wind turbine materials expertise to a £6m EU project aimed at developing renewable energy storage solutions. The project aims to develop a range of consumer-owned energy storage devices to help meet current and future electricity market needs. It follows the UK Government’s announcement of a complete transformation of how energy will be generated, stored and used in future.

Weir Advanced Research Centre

Photo of Weir Group Staff

We're working closely with the Weir Group on a range of projects, including the design of new and improved products for global markets.

Students Driven to Success

Two Strathclyde scholars are among ten to be selected for prestigious Formula 1 Engineering Scholarships.