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Our students

Holly MacDonald, BA Marketing student

Holly MacDonald

BA Marketing

The opportunity to undertake my marketing degree alongside other subjects, such as entrepreneurship and economics, provided me with a much broader view of the business world and ultimately allowed me to question marketing theory from a different perspective.
Pawel Czarnowski, Economics & Finance student

Pawel Czarnowksi

PhD Accounting & Finance

I was impressed by many of the faculty members during my studies at Strathclyde and I wanted to work in the same place as them. Also, one of my favourite things about the department is the variety of research databases that we have access to. The amount of support that is at your disposal at the department really helps push your research to the top level.
Rebecca O'Toole, MSc Business & Management student

Rebecca O'Toole

MSc Business & Management

My enjoyment of the course comes down to the quality of the teaching. The lecturers, leaders in their field, are approachable and friendly. Their enthusiasm is infectious, and their support and encouragement pushes you to be the best you can be and get the most out of the course.
Nairn Peat

Nairn Peat

BA International Business

A key component of the International Business degree at Strathclyde is the opportunity to study abroad. Having mandatory time abroad pushed me to step out of my comfort zone. The classes I undertook in Thailand were challenging, but overall provided me with essential experience in the world of international business.
Dare Adesanya

Dare Adesanya

MSc Finance

I chose Strathclyde Business School as my study destination because the university is a leading international university that makes a positive difference to the lives of its students, society, and the world.They offer a competitive international standard that allows the access to interact with various cultures and business perspectives.
Nada Mohammad Ghesh

Nada Ghesh

PhD Marketing

I am thankful for all the opportunities Strathclyde is offering to equip us with all that we need to become rigorous researchers and create a supportive inclusive research community for everyone. From the PgCert courses, the RDP workshops, the departmental seminar, and the Doctoral School efforts alongside the various research groups.
Daniel Crawley

Daniel Crawley

BA International Business

The International Business programme has allowed me to work towards my long-term ambitions. My desire to live, learn and work abroad have all been made possible through my experience on this programme. Strathclyde gave me the opportunity to study on exchange in both Austria and Germany at highly ranked international business schools.
Andrea Oteo Valmaseda

Andrea Oteo Valmaseda

MSc Data Analytics

In my opinion, the MSc Data Analytics is a very complete course that is aimed at students from all backgrounds. his MSc offered me a unique training opportunity, which combined the technical aspect of programming with the applicability of use cases that are done with leading companies around the world.
Jon McFarlane

Jon McFarlane

PhD Economics

I think the research community is an essential part of the PhD experience. This is because a large proportion of the work that is undertaken at PhD level is on your own and you need people that you can talk to about your research. I have learned a lot from the PhD community, especially the other PhD students in my department.
Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith

BA Business Enterprise

All of the teaching staff were not only extremely knowledgeable about their subjects but also very experienced with many having worked in industry allowing them to provide insight into how the skills we were developing would be utilised in a work setting.
Avantika Sudhakar

Avantika Sudhakar

MSc Innovation & Marketing Management

My experience at Strathclyde can be summarised as simply superlative. The lecturers are highly competent and their domain knowledge is so deep that it appears bottomless.This course is so forward-looking that I feel that it will remain relevant for a long time to come.
Afsa Mukasa

Afsa Mukasa

PhD Entrepreneuship

Talk about stellar life moments and achievements, and the Strathclyde doctoral experience definitely makes the list. Every time! Being both examiner and examinee breeds balance. The range of transformative tasks, challenges, discoveries, and shared experiences is excellent. It is an ultimate professional life experience!