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  • Wed

    Physics Business Breakfast - Knowledge Transfer: a Physics Perspective

    The University of Strathclyde’s Department of Physics has a strong applied focus feeding research into industry and development. The event will look at different options and pathways for Knowledge Transfer, with presentations from:

    • Dr Derek Peden, Innovations Manager at Design LED Products
    • Andrew Kinnear, Business Development Officer at the West of Scotland KTP Centre
    • Richard Patrick, Head of Business Development at TMD Technologies Ltd

    Registration 8.15am, presentations from 8.30am

  • Wed

    John Anderson Research Colloquia

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The David Elder Lecture Series

Tickets are now available for these public talks from expert astronomers. Running from September til March, the David Elder lectures are presented in partnership with, and hosted by, the Glasgow Science Centre.

Available PhD Projects

What is a gravitational wave?

Gravitational waves carry information about their dramatic origins and about the nature of gravity that cannot otherwise be obtained.

Dr Nicholas Lockerbie, Reader in Department of Physics, tells us more:

Gravitational waves detected!

Gravitational waves have been detected 100 years after Einstein's prediction! The waves were observed at two separate LIGO sites in the United States. The discovery ushers in a new era of astronomy. Dr Nicholas Lockerbie tells us more:

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red semiconductor disk laser with frequency-doubling to the ultraviolet

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