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  • Imaging technology could bring more targeted Earth observation

    The project is investigating the production of a multispectral imaging (MSI) device which is a fraction of the size of conventional instruments. It could be installed in nanosatellites and used to monitor climate change, observe the activity of oceans, detect forest fires or track shipping traffic.

  • Company director named Alumna of the Year

    Sarah Jardine, Senior Director of Manufacturing with Optos plc, has been named the University of Strathclyde’s Alumna of the Year in recognition of her achievements in manufacturing and optics. She graduated with a BSc Honours degree in Laser Physics and Optoelectronics in 1992.

  • Cascade Laser Plasma Wakefield Acceleration for TeV Collider

    In a recent work published in Physical Review Letters, Prof. Zheng-Ming Sheng and Prof. Dino Jaroszynski and collaborators have proposed a new scheme of cascade acceleration based upon Laser Wakefield Acceleration.

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The David Elder Lecture Series

Tickets are now available for these public talks from expert astronomers. Running from September til March, the David Elder lectures are presented in partnership with, and hosted by, the Glasgow Science Centre.

What is a gravitational wave?

Gravitational waves carry information about their dramatic origins and about the nature of gravity that cannot otherwise be obtained.

Dr Nicholas Lockerbie, Reader in Department of Physics, tells us more:

Gravitational waves detected!

Gravitational waves have been detected 100 years after Einstein's prediction! The waves were observed at two separate LIGO sites in the United States. The discovery ushers in a new era of astronomy. Dr Nicholas Lockerbie tells us more:

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red semiconductor disk laser with frequency-doubling to the ultraviolet

Academic opportunities with Strathclyde Physics

As part of the Strathclyde Global Talent Attraction Platform, the Department of Physics is seeking to build on recent success and attract leading scientists to complement our existing activities and build our team of leading researchers to further enhance our national and international position in research and the societal impact of our work.

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