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Take a trip through the refurbished Wolfson building where new facilities designed to enhance the experience of our students and new laboratories focussed on further enhancing our world-leading research can be seen.

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Shaking and Reversing

Prof Stuart Reid and Dr Sylvie Coupaud to test pioneering 'nanokicking' technology to reverse osteoporosis.

Enabling, Inspiring, Broadcasting

Photo of Dr Buis and Sarah Day about BBC BigLifeFix Programme

Dr Arjan Buis and Sara Day appear on the BBC #BigLifeFix. Watch the #BigLifeFix BBC episode!

Wolfson Centre redevelopment

The Wolfson Centre is home to Strathclyde's Department of Biomedical Engineering. Believed to be the first dedicated biomedical engineering building in the world, the £15.5m refurbishment transforms facilities for biomedical engineers.

Intelligent Surgical Drill System

Our researcher Wei Yao has been working with his team to develop an intelligent drill and navigation system for orthopaedic surgery. It aims to significantly improve implant positioning, patient outcomes and healthcare costs.

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