Sunrise over Kongsfjorden, Svalbard, Norway. Photo by SAMS

Fear of the light may help tiny ocean creatures survive a brighter future

Aversion could be protecting zooplankton against impacts of environmental changes in the Arctic

Radiotherapy of cancer concept

High energy radiotherapy could ‘paint’ tumours to avoid harming healthy tissue

Technique targets tumours precisely while avoiding healthy tissue


Vaccine roll-out working, first national study suggests

Strathclyde is a partner in study which suggests that vaccination has been linked to a substantial reduction in the risk of COVID-19 admissions to Scotland’s hospitals


Row of traditional filament lightbulbs with one energy-saving lightbulb hanging lower.

Profile: Professor Harald Haas

11 November 2020


Amsterdam ousts London as Europe’s top share hub

The Conversation

12 February 2021


Six ways satellites make the world a better place

The Conversation

8 February 2021


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