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Why Strathclyde?Safe360°™

At Strathclyde, our first priority is the safety and wellbeing of our global University community.  

We want to make sure everyone feels safe, supported and secure, and our staff and students work side-by-side to deliver an environment where everyone can thrive.

Safe360°™ means incorporating safety in every area of University life. Our approach relates particularly to safeguarding, recognising the many ways in which University staff, students, and representatives have contact with children, young people, and vulnerable or at-risk adults, either on campus or in other work, learning, residential or social settings.

Safe360°™ underpins our duty of care and enhances support mechanisms for students and staff, integrating national guidance and University policies and procedures. We actively encourage reporting of any incidence of inappropriate behaviour, so that it can be challenged and addressed, and appropriate support provided.

We believe universities have an important role to play in building safer communities, both through the impact of our teaching, research and knowledge exchange, and by ensuring our campuses are safe. Together, we will play our part in driving the change that is needed in society more generally.

Safe360° is a Registered Trade Mark of the University of Strathclyde in the United Kingdom.