Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Materials (MSc)Karthik Muthoor Nagendra

Karthik, from Bangalore in India, is studying our MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Materials. Read on to find out about his Strathlife...

Why did you choose to study at Strathclyde?

As per my course, there are very few universities that provide the research facilities and expertise and the University of Strathclyde was one such institution. The newly inaugurated Advanced Material Research Laboratory in the campus grabbed my attention immediately and the research work that is ongoing in the field of composites and polymers provided the foundation to my decision to choose to study at Strathclyde. Along with this the university’s ranking and awards, the hospitality of the university towards international students was well established which further affected my decision. 

What do you like about your course?

Material science is a very vast subject on its own and the overall course breakdown for the subject is very methodical and easy to grasp. The interaction with professors and the ample number of additional courses that can be added on makes it a very wholesome degree to hold. The lecture delivery and assignments help in understanding the concepts in unique ways which makes it even more fun to study. 

What else do you like about Strathclyde?

Strathclyde is a very modern approach to solving current day problems and the effective solutions that are brought about daily makes it a fantastic university to study at. The sports facilities are top notch and affordable as well. The library is a heaven to those who like to learn a lot more and the ease of renting books makes it very convenient. Sometimes it’s the little things that the university provides that makes a big difference, like the free breakfast provided during exams, ensures that the university goes beyond its length and cares for the students. 

What do you think about Scotland/Glasgow?

Glasgow is an extrovert friendly city with lots of events happening every day that we can enjoy. Along with this, it is a lot more peaceful when compared to other cities in the UK which are always crowded and noisy. Scotland is known for its beauty and it didn’t let me down. A small vacation up north made me appreciate nature in ways I had never thought of. It’s a simple country with loads to give and more to endure. 

What funding opportunities (if any) were available to you?

For my course the Faculty of Engineering Excellence Scholarship was available which provided a generous £3000 reduction in my tuition fees. 

How has it helped you with your degree?

The scholarship reduced my tuition fee generously which in turn reduced my burden on the student loan. It also boosted my confidence as I was one of the very few to avail the scholarship. 

Would you recommend Strathclyde to other people and why?

I would definitely recommend people to study at Strathclyde as its one of the leading institutions that provide state of the art facilities and international student care. The scholarships on offer are plenty and the wide variety of courses available are taught thoroughly with higher emphasis provided on out of the box thinking. 

The university’s student union hosts plenty of clubs and societies for every sport and hobby that exists and its extremely easy to find something I love. The transition in the architecture of the campus from old to modern reminds us of the advancements that we’ve had and the privilege that we are bestowed with.