Sustainability and Environmental Studies (MSc)Ananya Singh

Ananya, from India, studied on our Sustainability and Environmental Studies course. Read what she has to say about her Strathclyde experience.

How did you first hear about Strathclyde?

By online research.

Why did you choose to study at Strathclyde?

Firstly, the reputation of the college was eminent among peers and professionals. After conducting some online research, I observed the course structure to be inclusive and diverse, as well as the facilities to be on par with the finest. Thus, I decided on studying here!

What do you like about studying at Strathclyde?

The atmosphere is nurturing, the people are compassionate. Teachers are always encouraging you to reach your utmost potential and having the support of kind friends around aids to the same.

What else do you like about Strathclyde?

Students from over 100 countries walk around and about the campus, making it an excellent and unique opportunity for you to experience diversity at the same grounds. The sports facility at Strathclyde Sports is affordable with services as swimming pool, sauna, yoga etc.

What do you do in your spare time?

I either go to the library or the gym (they are right next to each other). The library has archives and special collection which consist of fascinating extracts from history. The university is 5-7 mins away from the Buchanan Street and Mall so fun is always around the corner when you need!

P.s – Don’t forget those dancing shoes because the biggest pub in Scotland (The Garage) is right here in Glasgow.

What funding opportunities (if any) were available to you?

I received the Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship.

How did these help you with your studies?

Studying abroad is a high-end investment and any monetary relief is highly appreciated.

What do you think about Scotland/Glasgow?

The residents of Glasgow are one of warmest people I’ve met, always ready to help whenever you ask. Well, the weather grows on you and its amusing to see the sun, rain and snow at the same time (yes, it happens sometimes!)

And of course, the beauty of Scotland is hard to jot in words, the travel bug in you will have many places and activities to explore and experience! My top suggestions being – going Skiing and seeing Northern Lights! (apart from the majestic museums and castles)

Would you recommend Strathclyde to other people and why?

I would surely recommend Strathclyde University to students; the atmosphere is well balanced for you to have the tranquillity for your studies and the grandeur for exploration and fun. The global exposure is unique to this campus and the facilities provided ensure you have a well-rounded experience during your stay here.