Chemistry with Drug Discovery (MChem)Thomas Redpath

Thomas is in third year studying Chemistry with Drug Discovery (MChem). Find out below why he chose the course and what he enjoys about being a Strathclyde student and living in Glasgow.

Why did you choose to study Chemistry with Drug Discovery at Strathclyde?

I chose to study Chemistry at Strathclyde due to its reputation as a great university for sciences and in particular, Chemistry. I initially chose to study MChem Chemistry but I decided one of the base modules wasn’t for me and switched to Drug Discovery, to which I found the University to be very supportive of my decision.

Having visited the University before deciding to apply, I was impressed with the facilities and the modules offered.

The open day/applicant day was great for seeing labs that we’d be using over the next year and other facilities on offer.

How welcoming do you find Strathclyde and Glasgow?

Strathclyde and Glasgow, as a city, are both extremely welcoming. I have loved my move to Glasgow and continue to find new places and new experiences to enjoy. There is very rarely a dull moment, with tonnes of places to go and do a wide variety of things from sport, to comedy, to clubs, whatever you want! 

Strathclyde as a university is a lovely campus with lots of new investment into buildings such as the new sports centre and the planned new union. 

The staff are very welcoming, supportive and extremely knowledgeable about their subject. I have found they’re always keen to provide help when you need it, always easy to get a hold of and very passionate about their research with a number of the lecturers incorporating their research into their lectures.

What advice would you give a prospective student thinking of coming to Strathclyde?

Definitely come to Strathclyde. The University has a great mix of students and there is something for everyone.

The city is tremendous and much like Strathclyde, there is a great mix of people from all backgrounds.

Make the most of every opportunity the University throws at you because they’re all worth it. No matter your background, the University is very helpful and very accommodating. It will help you everywhere you need it without being pushy and whether it's personal circumstances, finances or needing help with finding a job, the University can and will help.