22nd International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization 5-8 September 2023 ISIC 22 in 2023

The 22nd International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization (ISIC) is being held from 5-8 September 2023. The ISIC will be held in conjunction with the 52nd annual meeting of the British Association for Crystal Growth (BACG). The venue is the Technology & Innovation Centre at the University of Strathclyde in the city centre of Glasgow, Scotland.

The 22nd ISIC 2023 provides a meeting and a discussion forum for scientists and engineers from academia and industry as well as suppliers of crystallization and related analytical equipment. The ISIC (International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization) meetings, taking place every three years, provide a broad overview of the current science and technology of crystallization. This is where scientists and engineers of various disciplines, both academic and industrial, from all over the world meet, discuss their research and exchange ideas.

Crystallization occurs in many natural physical, biological, and chemical systems, and is key in numerous applications, ranging from novel environmental and purification technologies to the production of bulk and fine chemicals, as agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food ingredients and pigments. This makes crystallization a core process in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Active research is done both in academia and industry on a broad range of subjects from fundamentals to industrial applications resulting in new findings, innovative processes and products.

The conference will cover the following main themes:

  • crystallization fundamentals
  • new materials and products
  • advances in industrial crystallization processes
  • sustainable crystallization technologies
  • process modelling, design & control & digital design


 Prof. Joop H. ter Horst

Industrial Crystallization

University of Rouen



Prof. Jan Sefcik

Chemical and Process Engineering

University of Strathclyde


Advisory Team:


Prof. Alastair Florence – University of Strathclyde

Dr Amy Robertson – AstraZeneca

Dr Grahame Woollam – Novartis

Dr Iain Oswald – University of Strathclyde

Prof. Chris Price – University of Strathclyde

Prof. Heike Lorenz - MPI & ISIC 21

Dr Neil George – Syngenta

Prof. Roger Davey - University of Manchester

Prof. Sally Price – University College London

Prof. Sven Schroeder - University of Leeds

and others

Call for abstracts:

We now invite submissions for oral and poster abstracts. 

Abstracts may be submitted under one of the following themes:

1. Crystallization fundamentals

  • Crystal product quality: crystal structure, crystal size distribution, morphology, purity
  • Crystal nucleation (primary & secondary, agglomeration & breakage, crystal growth
  • Linking the crystallization phenomena across compound classes: small organic molecules, proteins, metal organic frameworks, inorganics & more

 2. New materials & products

  • New (bio)pharmaceuticals, materials for energy storage, functional (nano)materials, sustainability
  • Solid state forms, complex multicomponent systems & constructs, pharmaceutical formulation

 3. Advances in industrial crystallization processes

  • Continuous manufacturing, process intensifcation & integration, new crystallizers & crystallization methods
  • Complex multicomponent systems: impurity rejection, chiral resolution & deracemization, mechanochemistry & more

 4. Sustainable crystallization technologies

  • Chemical recycling, polymer recycling, battery materials and recycling, carbon capture

 5. Process modelling, design & control & digital design

  • Process analytical tools, modeling over all length scales, control strategies, digital design strategies, machine learning

The body of the abstract should be a maximum of 300 words of text.  If you would like to add supporting information in addition to your abstract text, such as figures, images or tables, there is an option to upload a PDF file.

The abstract deadline is 1st March 2023 and notifications will be sent by the end of April.  Submit your abstract here.

Sponsors & exhibitors

We have range of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities available.  If you would like more information, please email isic2023@abbeyuk.com

View of the Technology and Innovation Centre from the outside


Technology & Innovation Centre at University of Strathclyde, 99 George St, Glasgow, Scotland, G1 1RD

The Technology & Innovation Centre (TIC) is our world-class research hub, revolutionising collaboration between academia, industry and the public sector.  Strathclyde University's flagship facility, TIC offers award-winning conference and events facilities all year round, including flexible, modern auditoria and spacious foyers for networking, exhibitions and catering.

The TIC is centrally located in Glasgow and is close to hotels and transport links.

For more information about the Technology & Innovation Centre at University of Strathclyde, visit the website.