Continuing professional developmentAn Overview of Pressure Vessel Design using PD5500, ASME VIII & EN 13445


This course is aimed at those engineers who are new to pressure vessel design, and covers the requirements of the PED and the three main design codes used in the UK - PD5500, ASME VIII Division 1 and EN 13445. Starting with an introduction to the terminology and concepts used in pressure vessel design, the various topics covered include materials, joint efficiencies, cylinders, heads and cones under internal and external pressure, nozzles and openings, flat ends, bolted flanged connections, supports and local load analysis.


3rd-4th June 2024


On campus at University of Strathclyde



Experience required

This course will be particularly appropriate for those engineers or managers who have a good understanding of general engineering mechanics.

No previous experience of pressure vessel design codes and standards is necessary, but would be helpful. Those involved in codes and standards will find some of the current code developments of particular interest.