Centre for Energy PolicyProfessor Mike Danson

Professor Mike Danson is an economist who has many and varied research interests including energy and transition, employability and volunteering, early-onset dementia and the workplace, regional economic development, basic income, and community ownership and management of land and other resources. Since 1997, he has authored over 250 research papers many published in international scientific journals and books. His research work is frequently presented at international conferences. Mike chairs Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland and the Reid Foundation. He is a member of the Scottish Government’s Just Transition Commission and Legal Aid Payment Review advisory group. Recent research has focused on older people’s attitudes to sensor control of their energy needs, smart energy hubs in deprived communities, and building assessment tools and resilience for community renewable schemes. Current research includes collaborative projects on the economic impacts of spaceports, and of Gaelic and Faroese; microbreweries; assessment of the social and economic development of community buy-out areas; and different aspects of sustainable economic development across peripheral, marginal and island regions in northern Europe.