Future of the City Centre

Robert Rogerson with colleagues at universities of Northumbria (UK), Newcastle (Australia), Federal University of Paraiba (Brazil) and Pretoria (South Africa) have been awarded a research grant from AHRC to generate an international network exploring future scenarios for city centres. This is timely as city centres face a time of significant upheaval and rapid change in their role and nature. The research will last for 2 years and brings together academics and urban professionals.   

Robert, Deputy Director of the Institute for Future Cities at Strathclyde, says : -

“the creation of a network based in four continents and bringing together different disciplines acknowledges the extent to which cities are part of a global system, with the future of city centres shaped not only by local factors but also global dimensions, including digital and communications technologies. The network seeks to help shape the future of centres of cities to make them habitable, safe and sustainable places as well as an economic focus.”