Assistive Technology Support

Welcome to Learning Services' Accessibility Site which has been developed to increase awareness of accessibility issues and provide resources to help ensure that information created at the University of Strathclyde is accessible and usable by many people, including those with disabilities.

"If I can't read it, I can't learn it"

One of the biggest challenges faced by Strathclyde and other educational institutions is the creation of accessible course materials. However, although the main focus is often on web-based materials, accessibility issues are also relevant to other forms of courseware and presentation resources, whether printed or electronic.

In Session 2008/09 924 of our students disclosed a disability either on their UCAS form, at registration or later in the academic year and we hope, partly through this resource, to continue to improve the support available.

This site includes general advice about accessibility, detailed technical advice about web accessibility and pointers to a number of other useful external resources. It also complements the technical guidelines which have been developed by the University WebTeam. We recognise that there are many excellent sites dedicated to accessibility, particularly web accessibility. This site is not intended to replicate this provision. It is intended to provide an overview of current accessibility best practice with annotated links to the most informative sites.

In addition to these resources our IT Training Team has developed training in assistive software for disabled students - more information is available on the IT Training Team Website. Where relevant, accessibility issues will be addressed within the Staff and Postgraduate IT Skills Development programme, for example the PowerPoint course will incorporate guidelines on readability and the importance of contrast. All web related courses will incorporate accessibility guidelines where appropriate.

Resolving accessibility barriers is a sizable challenge for departments. We hope that you find this to be a useful resource and welcome your feedback and input. We also welcome feedback from students - please let us know of inaccessibility issues and we will attempt to raise awareness and share perspectives.

Assistive Technology Support Enquiries
Tel: 0141 548 3402