Centre for Charitable Giving & Philanthropy

The Hunter Centre has been awarded a £500K grant to investigate entrepreneurial philanthropy.

The ESRC in collaboration with the Office of the Third Sector, Carnegie Trust and the Scottish Government have established the UK’s first independent, multidisciplinary and academically based Centre for Charitable Giving & Fund Raising.

Bringing together the expertise of Cass Business School, City University, the Universities of Edinburgh, Kent, Southampton and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde Business School, CCGAP has received a total of £2.2million to fund a 5 year programme of research.

The mission of the Centre is to build a better understanding of charitable giving and philanthropy which is of relevance to donors, charities and policy makers. The Centre is committed to promoting the strategic role of philanthropy in meeting today’s social needs.

The Centre supports high quality independent research aimed and influencing policy and practice decisions in the UK and developing the necessary evidence base to better understand charitable giving and philanthropic issues. A key objective of CCGAP is to promote knowledge sharing and dissemination of independent, rigorous research about and relevant to charitable giving and philanthropy.

Specifically, the Centre is responsible for co-ordinating the following research programmes:

Individual & Corporate Giving

The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship is responsible for undertaking the Individual and Corporate Giving research programme. Specifically, this research seeks to investigate entrepreneurial philanthropy. The aims of the research are :

  1. Yield original empirical evidence of contemporary approaches to and involvement in entrepreneurial philanthropy.
  2. Use such evidence to inform theory, policy and practice in the area of individual and business philanthropy
Responsible for this programme of work is the Entrepreneurial Philanthropy Research Group at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship which includes Jillian Gordon, Professor Charles Harvey and Dr Eleanor Shaw (Principle Investigator).

Further Information

For further information on entrepreneurial philanthropy and the Individual and Corporate Giving research programme please contact: enquiries@entrepreneurialphilanthropy.ac.uk

For more information on the other research areas of CGap: Institutions of Philanthropy and Giving Data (Cass Business School and the University of Edinburgh) and Charitable Giving and Social Redistribution (Universities of Kent and Southampton) please visit the official web site www.cgap.org.uk/