Naval architecture, ocean & marine engineeringResearch centres

We've a number of research centres established by the Department, the University or with industrial sponsorships to create centres of excellence and maximise our footprint in key research areas. These are:

  • Maritime Safety Research Centre (MSRC)
  • Maritime Human Factors Centre (MHFC)
  • Peridynamics Research Centre (PDRC)

Maritime Human Factors Centre (MHFC)

This industry-facing research centre is the international home for maritime human factors to enhance the maritime safety. The centre performs world-leading research in collaboration with other human factors groups around the world and industry.

The Maritime Human Factors Centre supports the maritime industry towards achieving safer and more efficient human operations by offering consultancy services, training and CPD courses. It attracts high-quality researchers and students to train to be the next generation of researchers through provision of a PhD degree.

The centre is supported by experimental facilities and human monitoring tools.

We're rated 1st in the UK & 8th in the world for Marine/Ocean Engineering by ShanghaiRanking 2023