The University of Strathclyde has moral and legal obligations to prevent the potential for fire starting and to ensure that its staff, students, visitors and contractors are aware of the procedures in place to manage the evacuation from a building should a fire start. The University is committed to meeting its obligations by ensuring that it has adequate training available for all personnel, and that equipment provided for use in the event of fireis maintained appropriately.

Local Rule

Fire Safety


Building re-occupation protocol

F01 - Request for a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

F03 - Monthly Fire Safety Checks Form 

F04 - Request to Install a Fire Door Hold Open or Locking Device

F09 - Hazard Mapping Return

F11 - Request to Install an Oven, Furnace, Sinter Over or Welding Equipment

Guidance Notes

Evacuation of persons using an evacuation lift

Investigation of fire alerts

Investigation of fire alerts - System of Work

Monthly Fire Safety Checks Procedure


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