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Dr Leonard Berlouis


Pure and Applied Chemistry


Novel complexing additives to reduce the immiscible phase formed in the hybrid ZnBr2 flow battery
Bryans Declan, McMillan Brian, Spicer Mark, Wark Alastair, Berlouis Leonard
Journal of the Electrochemical Society Vol 164, (2017)
A thermoanalytical , X-ray diffraction and petrographic approach to the forensics assessment of fire-affected concrete in the United Arab Emirates
Alqassim M.A., Jones M.R. , Berlouis L.E.A., Nic Daied N.
Forensic Science International Vol 264, pp. 82-88, (2016)
KOtBu : a privileged reagent for electron transfer reactions?
Barham Joshua P., Coulthard Graeme, Emery Katie J., Doni Eswararao, Cumine Florimond, Nocera Giuseppe, John Matthew P., Berlouis Leonard E. A., McGuire Thomas, Tuttle Tell, Murphy John A.
Journal of American Chemical Society Vol 138, pp. 7402-7410, (2016)
Nondestructive handheld fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) analysis of spectroscopic changes and multivariate modelling of thermally degraded plain Portland cement concrete and its slag and fly ash based analogues
Tang Pik Leung, Algassim Mohammad, Nic Daéid Niamh, Berlouis Leonard, Seelenbinder John
Applied Spectroscopy Vol 70, pp. 923-931, (2016)
Deactivation mechanisms of atmospheric plasma spraying Raney nickel electrodes.
Chade Daniel, Berlouis Leonard, Infield David, Nielsen Peter Tommy, Mathiesen Troels
Journal of the Electrochemical Society Vol 163, pp. F308-F317, (2016)
The development of Zn-Ce hybrid redox flow batteries for energy storage and their continuing challenges
Walsh Frank C., Ponce de Leon Carlos, Berlouis Len, Nikiforidis Georgios, Arenas-Martinez Luis F., Hodgson David, Hall David
ChemPlusChem Vol 80, pp. 288–311, (2015)

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Professional activities

International Society of Electrochemistry
Invited speaker
International Flow Battery Forum
Invited speaker
Electrical Energy Storage Applications and Technologies
Invited speaker
UK-US Workshop on Flow Batteries
Invited speaker
Electrochem 2011
Electrochem 2011
Invited speaker

more professional activities


Deployment of a 25 kW/50kWh zinc-bromine RFB into a local Scottish community with renewable energy
Berlouis, Leonard (Principal Investigator) McMillan, Brian (Co-investigator)
Period 30-Sep-2016 - 31-Mar-2018
The development of Flow Battery systems for wind farm at EU
Zafar, Jawwad (Co-investigator) Berlouis, Leonard (Principal Investigator)
This 3-year project worth £1.7m funded by the Korean government through the Korea Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) institute looks at the development of Redox flow batteries for integration with distributed energy resources such as wind farms. Development of three systems rated at 25 kW/50 kWh, 250 kW/500 kWh and 750 kW/1 MWh is foreseen. The 25 kW/50 kWh system is already being tested at PNDC, as of March 2016, as part of phase-1 of the project. The higher rated systems will be deployed alongside wind energy conversion systems in phase-2 and phase-3.
Period 01-Jun-2015 - 31-May-2018
Doctoral Training Grant 2010 | Caldwell, Evelyn
Berlouis, Leonard (Principal Investigator) Wark, Alastair (Co-investigator) Caldwell, Evelyn (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2010 - 01-Apr-2014
Stability of electrode coatings in the alkaline electrolyser
Infield, David (Principal Investigator) Berlouis, Leonard (Principal Investigator)
The evaluation of specially designed porous nickel electrodes for use in alkaline electrolyers under variable power inputs.
Period 03-Sep-2012
The investigations of seeding agents in the aluminium-air battery
Berlouis, Leonard (Principal Investigator)
Performance of aluminium air battery is investigated following the addition of seeding agents in the alkaline solution to precipitate out the aluminium hydroxide.
Period 23-Jul-2012
Indirect reduction of fabric dyes through electrochemistry
Berlouis, Leonard (Principal Investigator)
The use of in-situ generation of reducing species by electrolysis for indiract reduction of azoic dyestuffs.
Period 02-Feb-2012

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Pure and Applied Chemistry
Thomas Graham Building

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