Dr Nicola Cogan



Personal statement

Nicola joined Strathclyde in October 2017 having previously worked as a consultant clinical psychologist and clinical lead in mental health services in the NHS. She has over 15 years NHS experience working as a practitioner clinical psychologist in mental health services. She retains an honorary consultant clinical psychologist post in NHS Lanarkshire. She completed a Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (D.Clin.Psy) at the University of Edinburgh. Prior to this she completed a PhD in Psychology and Social Policy and Social Work and MA (Hons) Psychology at the University of Glasgow.Her research interests are in the areas of mental health, wellbeing, recovery and citizenship in applied health and social contexts. She is involved with research adopting community participatory research methods. She is a member of the International Recovery and Citizenship Collective led by Yale Medical School, where she has a strong working collaborative.

She has an interest in issues concerning transitions from military to civilian life for veterans and their families. She has a growing interest in health behaviour change, with a focus on vaccination uptake. Finally, she is interested in the uses of technology in health and well-being interventions.




Baring all : the impact of the hospital gown on patient wellbeing
Morton Liza, Cogan Nicola, Kornfält Susanna, Porter Zoe, Georgiadis Emmanouil
British Journal of Health Psychology Vol 25, pp. 452-473 (2020)
Pilot testing of a nudge-based digital intervention (Welbot) to improve sedentary behaviour and wellbeing in the workplace
Haile Caitlin, Kirk Alison, Cogan Nicola, Janssen Xanne, Gibson Ann-Marie, MacDonald Bradley
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Vol 17 (2020)
"The biggest barrier is to inclusion itself" : the experience of citizenship for adults with mental health problems
Cogan Nicola Ann, MacIntyre Gillian, Stewart Ailsa, Tofts Abigail, Quinn Neil, Johnston Gordon, Hamill Linda, Robinson John, Igoe Michael, Easton Duncan, McFadden Anne Marie, Rowe Michael
Journal of Mental Health (2020)
Towards intervention development to increase the uptake of COVID-19 vaccination among those at high risk : outlining evidence-based and theoretically informed future intervention content
Williams Lynn, Gallant Allyson J, Rasmussen Susan, Brown Nicholls Louise A, Cogan Nicola, Deakin Karen, Young David, Flowers Paul
British Journal of Health Psychology (2020)
The personal meanings and experiences of resilience amongst elite badminton athletes in the build up to competition
Adam Rebecca, Cogan Nicola
Journal of Qualitative Research in Sports Studies Vol 13, pp. 61-84 (2019)
Mixed methods study exploring the impact of the hospital gown on recovery and wellbeing : implications for policy and practice
Cogan Nicola, Morton Liza, Georgiadis Emmanouil

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Nicola has a range of teaching and citizenship roles at both UG and PG level. She has a specific interest teaching in applied mental health and clinical practice. She utilises a range of teaching methods including dydactic approahes, group work, role play techniques and case study illustration. She has the following citizenship roles associated with teaching:

 - Class leader for the 4th year Psychology of Mental Health class

 - Deputy Course Director on MSc in Clinical Health Psychology course 

She teaches on the following classes:

  - 2nd year Introduction to Mental Health Difficulties class (Psychology and Counselling)

  - 3rd year Research Methods and Data Analyses class (Psychology and Physical Activity for Health).

- 4th year Psychology of Mental Health Class

 - Clinical Psychology Related to Medical Conditions (MSc in Clinical Health Psychology)

 - Professional Practice and Placement (MSc in Clinical Health Psychology).

She teaches within Social Policy and Social Work on the Mental Health Officer practitioner course and UG course in Social Work.

She also supervises UG and PG dissertation projects.



Research interests


2020: Violence Protection Unit: Knife Crime Imagery Project. Cogan (PI). Value: £22,000.
2020: Scottish Union Learning: Introduction to trauma (taster session) online. Cogan (PI) & Morton. Value: £702
2020: Scottish Union Learning: Trauma Awareness and the Railway Industry. Cogan (PI) & Morton. Value: £4,500.
2020: Chief Scientist Office: Improving Older Adults' Vaccination Uptake. Williams, Brown Nicholls, Cogan (CI), Rasmussen, & Young. Value: £25,000.
2019-2020: Chief Scientist Office: Psychological barriers and drivers to seasonal influenza vaccination uptake in those with chronic respiratory disease: A mixed methods study. Williams, Rasmussen, Cogan (CI) & Young. Value: £190,806.
2019-2020: SMARTEN:UKRI: Understandings of mental health, disclosure and help seeking behaviour among Asian international students. Cogan (PI), Lui, Kelly, Anderson. Value: £11,000.
2018-2020: Scottish Innovation Fund: WELBOT. Kirk (PI), Cogan, Janssen, Gibson.

Professional activities

Trauma and the Railway Industry
UK Psychological Trauma Society (External organisation)
Trauma and the Railway Industry
Scottish Attachment in Action (Event)
Patients asked to share their thoughts about hospital gowns for Glasgow study
Why citizenship?

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MVP Lead Implementation Interviews
Cogan, Nicola (Principal Investigator) Hunter, Simon C. (Principal Investigator) Cogan, Nicola (Co-investigator) Elliott, Mark (Co-investigator)
06-Jan-2020 - 06-Jan-2021
MVP Lead Implementation Interviews
Cogan, Nicola (Principal Investigator) Hunter, Simon C. (Principal Investigator) Cogan, Nicola (Co-investigator) Elliott, Mark (Co-investigator)
06-Jan-2020 - 06-Jan-2021
Trauma Awareness Training for the Rail Industry
Cogan, Nicola (Principal Investigator) Morton, Elizabeth (Co-investigator)
Delivery of 2 x 1 hour zoom sessions plus preparation: Staff Time for Delivery x 2 staff
01-Jan-2020 - 05-Jan-2020
Improving older adults' vaccination uptake: are existing measures of vaccine hesitancy valid and reliabe for older people?
Williams, Lynn (Principal Investigator) Brown Nicholls, Louise (Co-investigator) Cogan, Nicola (Co-investigator) Rasmussen, Susan (Co-investigator) Young, David (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2020
Trauma Training for the Rail Industry
Cogan, Nicola (Principal Investigator) Morton, Liza (Co-investigator)
Course Ref LUPS/2019-21/ASLEF/183 15 January 2020 One day training course for Scottish Trades Union Congress
The understandings of distinctive experiences of mental health, disclosure and help seeking among Asian students (SMARTeN)
Cogan, Nicola (Principal Investigator) Anderson, Tony (Co-investigator) Kelly, Stephen (Co-investigator) Liu, Xi (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 31-Jan-2020

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