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Personal statement

Professor John M Davis is a Professor of Education at the University of Strathclyde.  John previously worked at the University of Edinburgh as director of the BA in Childhood Studies, Head of Department of Educational Studies and subsequently, Professor of Childhood Inclusion.  He has also been chair of the Childhood Practice development group which develop the innovative qualification for managers/leaders of early learning, out of school, childminding, family support and related services. His research focuses on childhood, disability, inclusion and social justice and seeks to support children, young people, parents and professionals to develop creative and innovative solutions to their life issues.  John’s research has utilized participatory childhood research methods to support children and young people to gain recognition for their perspectives concerning inclusion, social justice and integrated working. His collaborative knowledge exchange projects have supported children, families and professionals to develop contemporary, innovative and inclusive children’s services. His work has also examined international approaches to multi-professional working and increased our understanding of the factors that foster creative and innovative learning. 














John M Davis
Professor of Education
School of Education
University of Strathclyde
Toom 525, Level 5
Lord Hope Building1
41 St James Road
G4 0LT



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