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Dr Mario Giardini

Senior Lecturer

Biomedical Engineering

Personal statement

Electronic engineer by training, I design biomedical instruments on the frontier between optics, electronics, and medicine. I work on portable clinical equipment, field diagnostic equipment, medical equipment for challenging environments, community screening, sensing for robotic surgery and digital healthcare.

From 1997 to 2005 I have worked as research scientist in the Italian National Institute for Physics of Matter, where my academic research has entailed a strong contact with Industry. From 2005 to 2008 I have moved, to head the R&D Division of a leading European microscope manufacturer, where I have acquired hands-on experience in collaborating with Asian Industry and with industrial R&D.

I currently hold a Senior Lectureship in Digital Health at the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the University of Strathclyde. Please contact me for information on possibilities for collaboration and studentships.


Characterisation of a smartphone and sensor-based system for monitoring shoulder range of motion during daily activities
Cameron Sara, Giardini Mario, Rowe P J
EFRR - European Forum for research in Rehabilitation 2017, (2017)
A review of feature-based retinal image analysis
Jordan Kirsty C, Menolotto Matteo, Bolster Nigel M, Livingstone Iain AT, Giardini Mario E
Expert Review of Ophthalmology Vol 12, pp. 207-220, (2017)
Electrophysiological and anatomical correlates of spinal cord optical coherence tomography
Giardini Mario E., Zippo Antonio G., Valente Maurizio, Krstajic Nikola, Biella Gabriele E. M.
PLoS ONE Vol 11, (2016)
Photometric compliance of tablet screens and retro-illuminated acuity charts as visual acuity measurement devices
Livingstone I. A. T., Tarbert C. M., Giardini M. E., Bastawrous A., Middleton D., Hamilton R.
PLoS ONE Vol 11, (2016)
The diabetic retinopathy screening workflow : potential for smartphone imaging
Bolster Nigel M., Giardini Mario E., Bastawrous Andrew
Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology Vol 10, (2016)
Clinical validation of a smartphone-based adapter for optic disc imaging in Kenya
Bastawrous Andrew, Giardini Mario Ettore, Bolster Nigel M., Peto Tunde, Shah Nisha, Livingstone Iain A.T., Weiss Helen A., Hu Sen, Rono Hillary, Kuper Hannah, Burton Matthew
JAMA Ophthalmology Vol 134, pp. 151-158, (2016)

more publications

Professional activities

Digital Health Technology Show panel discussion: Health is a Human Right
Mobile Information Systems (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing (Journal)
Peer reviewer
JAMA Ophthalmology (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine (Journal)
Peer reviewer
ICBISP 2017 - 2017 IET International Conference on Biomedical Image and Signal Processing
Member of programme committee

more professional activities


Next-generation ophthalmic diagnostics
Giardini, Mario (Principal Investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2017 - 30-Sep-2018
Next-generation amblyopia diagnostics
Giardini, Mario (Principal Investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2017 - 30-Sep-2018
eye tracking for diagnostics/rehabilitation in Alzheimer’s patients
Giardini, Mario (Principal Investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2016 - 31-Oct-2020
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Medical Devices and Health Technologies | Coghill, Ian
Giardini, Mario (Principal Investigator) Black, Richard (Co-investigator) Coghill, Ian (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2016 - 01-Oct-2020
Brain Cortex Capillaries and Gliovascular Interfaces in Chronic Pain
Giardini, Mario (Co-investigator)
Beamtime at the Nano-imaging Beamline (ID16A) of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility - ESRF, funded through ESRF
Period 26-Oct-2016 - 01-Nov-2016
Microbeams Induce Rearrangements of the Cortical Microvessels in Control and Chronic Pain Rats
Giardini, Mario (Co-investigator)
Beamtime at the Biomedical Beamline (ID17) of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility - ESRF, funded through ESRF
Period 20-Jan-2017 - 07-Feb-2017

more projects


Biomedical Engineering
Graham Hills Building

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