Professor Lori McElroy



Digital Erasmus - a pan-European approach to teaching building performance and resilient design
Hopfe Christina J, Brembilla Eleonora, McElroy Lori B, Mcleod Robert S, Gustin Matej, Costola Daniel
CLIMA 2022 Conference 14th REHVA World Congress, CLIMA 2022, pp. 1-8 (2022)
Business success through process based application of simulation
McElroy Lori, Cockroft Jeremy, Hand Jon
Proceedings of Building Simulation Conference 2007 (2008) (2008)
Sustainable housing standards: use of simulation in design
Tuohy PG, Johnstone C, McElroy LB
EuroSun 2006 International Renewable Energy Conference (2006)
Transferring simulation from specialists into design practice
Macdonald I, McElroy LB, Hand Jon, Clarke Joseph Andrew
9th International Building Performance Simulation Association Conference (2005)
Transferring energy modelling to design practice experiences of the last 15 years
Macdonald Iain, McElroy Lori
Proceedings of the World Renewable Energy Congress 2005 (WREC 2005) World Renewable Energy Congress '05 (2005)
Thermal mass, insulation and ventilation in sustainable housing - An investigation across climate and occupancy
Tuohy Paul, McElroy Lori, Johnstone Cameron
Proceedings of the 9th IBPSA Conference, Building Simulation 2005 (2005) (2005)

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Scottish Government Futures (External organisation)
Scottish Government (External organisation)
Big Data and the Built Environment

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The Pansophy Cohort: Multidisciplinary solutions to the age-related challenges of pharmaceutical care
Watson, Margaret (Principal Investigator) Giardini, Mario Ettore (Co-investigator) Lennon, Marilyn (Co-investigator) McElroy, Lori (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 30-Jan-2025
KTP - Anderson, Bell, Christie Ltd. The project will develop a toolkit to incorporate holistic net zero carbon measures into their design process, enabling creation of net zero carbon communities.
Sharpe, Tim (Principal Investigator) Kelly, Nicolas (Co-investigator) McElroy, Lori (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 30-Jan-2024
Research to identify effective ventilation and indoor air quality guidance and practice
McElroy, Lori (Principal Investigator) Sharpe, Tim (Co-investigator)
08-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2022
Consultancy Support for Scottish Renewables
McElroy, Lori (Principal Investigator)
Small consultancy project against UoS Terms
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2022
Feasibility Study - Renfrewshire Council Zero Energy Buildings Ref: RC-CPU-21-022
McElroy, Lori (Principal Investigator) Morgan, Chris (Co-investigator)
Design and delivery of a new standard for social housing as part of Renfrewshire Council's Regeneration and Renewal Programme in response to the Climate Emergency.
09-Jan-2021 - 01-Jan-2021
ECF - Deep Renovation Guidelines Phase 2
McElroy, Lori (Principal Investigator) Morgan, Chris (Co-investigator)
Extended study into whole house renovation of social housing stock
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2022

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