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I am a Research Associate working on AMPER. This is an interdisciplinary research project combining methods from neuropsychology and computer science targeting memory loss in individuals with dementia . AMPER will apply user-centered design to create an embodied agent with a novel human-like autobiographical memory, performing a carer-assisted intervention for personalised reminiscence, telling stories and bringing to the surface memories residing in the still viable regions of the brain.


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Predicting online behavioural responses to transcranial direct current stimulation in stroke patients with anomia
Hope Thomas M H, Ondobaka Sasha, Akkad Haya, Nardo Davide, Pappa Katerina, Price Cathy J, Leff Alexander P, Crinion Jennifer T, Hunold Alexander, Meinzer Marcus
Life Vol 14 (2024)
Embodied conversational agents : trust, deception and the suspension of disbelief
Aylett Matthew Peter, Lim Mei Yii, Pappa Katerina, Wilson Bruce W, Aylett Ruth, Parra Mario
TAS '23 ACM International Conference Proceeding Series (2023)
Mapping spoken language and cognitive deficits in post-stroke aphasia
Akkad Haya, Hope Thomas MH, Howland Charlotte, Ondobaka Sasha, Pappa Katerina, Nardo Davide, Duncan John, Leff Alexander P, Crinion Jenny
NeuroImage: Clinical Vol 39 (2023)
Transcranial direct current stimulation with functional magnetic resonance imaging : a detailed validation and operational guide
Nardo Davide, Creasey Megan, Negus Clive, Pappa Katerina, Aghaeifar Ali, Reid Alphonso, Josephs Oliver, Callaghan Martina F, Crinion Jenny T
Wellcome Open Research Vol 6 (2023)
Working memory training : taking a step back to retool and create a bridge between clinical and neuroimaging research methods
Pappa Katerina, Flegal Kristin E, Baylan Satu, Evans Jonathan J
Applied Neuropsychology:Adult Vol 29, pp. 1669-1680 (2022)
Working memory updating training promotes plasticity & behavioural gains : a systematic review & meta-analysis
Pappa Katerina, Biswas Viveka, Flegal Kristin E, Evans Jonathan J, Baylan Satu
Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews Vol 118, pp. 209-235 (2020)

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Dr Katerina Pappa
Research Associate

Email: katerina.pappa@strath.ac.uk
Tel: Unlisted