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Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering


Personal statement

I am the DNV Professor of Safety of Marine Systems at the Maritime Safety Research Centre (MSRC) of the Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering at the University of Strathclyde since June 2020. I am the Director of the MSRC, a world-class centre of excellence with a vision to shape the maritime safety, which was established as a significant Industry-University partnership involving the University of Strathclyde, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and DNV Classification Society. I graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 1994 and obtained a PhD degree, also from NTUA, in 2001 in the discipline of Marine Engineering. My research focuses on the development of scientific approaches to holistically capture the safety, energy and sustainability interplay of the complex marine systems including cyber-physical and autonomous systems. My research supports the development and use of advanced model-based methods and digital twin tools to address the design of safe, feasible and green alternatives to meet the demanding marine industry requirements, pursuing life-cycle risk and energy management, efficiency improvement, as well as safety and sustainability enhancement.

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Multi-state ship traffic flow analysis using data-driven method and visibility graph
Sui Zhongyi, Wang Shuaian, Wen Yuanqiao, Cheng Xiaodong, Theotokatos Gerasimos
Ocean Engineering Vol 298 (2024)
A framework to assure the trustworthiness of physical model-based digital twins for marine engines
Jeon Jaehan, Theotokatos Gerasimos
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering Vol 12 (2024)
Robust decision-making for the reactive collision avoidance of autonomous ships against various perception sensor noise levels
Lee Paul, Theotokatos Gerasimos, Boulougouris Evangelos
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering Vol 12 (2024)
Techno-economic analysis of combined gas and steam propulsion system of liquefied natural gas carrier
Budiyanto Muhammad Arif, Putra Gerry Liston, Riadi Achmad, Andika Riezqa, Zidane Sultan Alif, Muhammad Andi Haris, Theotokatos Gerasimos
Energies Vol 17 (2024)
Towards autonomous inland waterway vessels — a comprehensive analysis of regulatory, liability and insurance frameworks
Ahmed Yaseen Adnan, Theotokatos Gerasimos, Maslov Ilia, Wennersberg Lars Andreas Lien, Nesheim Dag Atle
WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs Vol 23, pp. 73-101 (2024)
Environmental-economic sustainability of hydrogen and ammonia fuels for short sea shipping operations
Karvounis Panagiotis, Theotokatos Gerasimos, Boulougouris Evangelos
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Vol 57, pp. 1070-1080 (2024)

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Professional Activities

1st International Conference on the Stability and Safety of Ships and Ocean Vehicles (STAB&S) 2021
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part M: Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment (Journal)
Editorial board member
2nd International Conference on Modelling and Optimisation of Ship Energy Systems (Event)
Guest editor
2nd International Conference on Modelling and Optimisation of Ship Energy Systems
Energy : The International Journal (Journal)
Guest editor
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (Journal)
Guest editor

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Highly Efficient Retrofitted Zero Emissions Coaster
Turan, Osman (Principal Investigator) Atlar, Mehmet (Co-investigator) Gunbeyaz, Sefer Anil (Co-investigator) Theotokatos, Gerasimos (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2024 - 31-Jan-2025
Prognostics and health management for marine engines – A holistic approach integrating digital twins, probabilistic methods and machine learning (WinGD PhD Studentship Award - Ioannis Sklias)
Theotokatos, Gerasimos (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2024 - 31-Jan-2027
Technology Innovation in Defence-platform Energy-efficiency
Turan, Osman (Principal Investigator) Aktas, Batuhan (Co-investigator) Atlar, Mehmet (Co-investigator) Barlow, Euan (Co-investigator) Boulougouris, Evangelos (Co-investigator) Jennett, Kyle (Co-investigator) Paton, Steve (Co-investigator) Revie, Matthew (Co-investigator) Seth, Sampan (Co-investigator) Tapinos, Efstathios (Co-investigator) Theotokatos, Gerasimos (Co-investigator) Walls, Lesley (Co-investigator) Wright, George (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2023 - 30-Jan-2026
Double efficient pilot fuel free ceramic hydrogen combustion engine technology for marine applications
Theotokatos, Gerasimos (Principal Investigator) Boulougouris, Evangelos (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2023 - 31-Jan-2023
OWA Vessel Emission Metric Development (VEMD)
Lazakis, Iraklis (Principal Investigator) Theotokatos, Gerasimos (Co-investigator)
Offshore Wind Association project on vessel emission metric
06-Jan-2021 - 08-Jan-2022
Boulougouris, Evangelos (Principal Investigator) Brennan, Feargal (Co-investigator) Theotokatos, Gerasimos (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2022

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Professor Gerasimos Theotokatos
Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering

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