Dr Ioannis Violatos

Materials Modelling Theme Lead

Advanced Forming Research Centre


Digital twins for high-value components
Rahimi Salah, Violatos Ioannis, Wynne Bradley, Jackson Martin
30 (2022)
Recrystallization mechanisms and associated microstructure evolution during billet conversion of a gamma-gamma' nickel based superalloy
Coyne-Grell A, Blaizot J, Rahimi S, Violatos I, Nouveau S, Dumont C, Nicolaÿ A, Bozzolo N
Journal of Alloys and Compounds Vol 916 (2022)
Microstructural evolution of an interface region in a nickel-based superalloy joint produced by direct energy deposition
Ferguson M, Konkova T, Violatos I
Proceedings of the International Conference on Welding and Additive Manufacturing Vol 15, pp. 47-54 (2021)
Comparison between surface and near-surface residual stress measurement techniques using a standard four-point-bend specimen
Rahimi S, Violatos I
Experimental Mechanics Vol 62, pp. 223-236 (2021)
A statistics based Digital Twin for the combined consideration of heat treatment and machining for predicting distortion
Hilton Kareema, Fitzpatrick Stephen, Violatos Ioannis, McEwan Chris, Mehnen Jorn
Procedia CIRP (2021)
On the evolution of microstructure and mechanical properties of type 316 austenitic stainless steel during ingot to billet conversion process
Paquette Arthur, Rahimi Salah, Violatos Ioannis, Langlois Laurent, Dumont Christian, Blaizot Jérôme, Rosochowska Malgorzata, Bigot Régis
24th International ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming (2021)

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Advanced Forming Research Centre

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