Professor Kate Wall


Personal statement

My work focuses on the development of innovative pedagogies and research methodologies (including visual approaches) that facilitate effective talk about learning (metacognition). I am interested in the development and exploration of democratic spaces where learners can talk about their experiences of learning.

I have worked extensively in partnership with teachers of all ages and stages, using practitioner enquiry approachesand have a growing interest in how tools with pedagogic and methodological origins can be used to support theorised practice. I have used the same ideas when working under a 'students as researchers' or student voice heading with children as young as 4. I am interested in methodologies for gathering learners’ views on experience, curriculum and learning. I am particularly interested in how visual approaches can facilitate voice with young children – I often think we have not been asking children their opinion or to participate in appropriate ways. I am interested in generating knowledge of ethical practice for eliciting voice within a democratic community and to do this, particularly with young children, then I think we need to look to more creative methods and practices for supporting the level of participation and ensuring authentic voice.


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