Graduate Apprenticeship GA Eligibility

Am I eligible for Graduate Apprenticeship (GA) funding?

In 2021, funding for Graduate Apprenticeships moved from being managed by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) to the Scottish Funding Council (SFC). These work-based programmes will be funded from core funding in the 2021/22 academic year. Learners will also be eligible to apply for SAAS funding which will contribute towards their tuition fee. 

To be eligible for SFC and SAAS GA funding, applicants must:

  • Must have settled status and been living in the United Kingdom (UK), the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man
  • Must have been living in one of these places for the three years immediately before the start of the course
  • Must also be living (ordinarily resident) in Scotland from on or before 1st August 

Those planning to apply or who have applied for a GA programme should make an application to SAAS as soon as possible. To do so, please go to the SAAS website.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) who have managed Graduate Apprenticeship funding through the European Social Fund (ESF) over the last five years, will continue to fund the delivery of continuing Graduate Apprenticeships until completion.

SDS have also developed Frequently Asked Questions and Guidance for Employers on the changes to these funding arrangements.

For more information on the opportunities available at Strathclyde, please get in touch via

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