Masters in Architectural Design (International) Janette Mpagi

Janette came from Uganda to study for an MArch Architectural Design International

What made you choose Strathclyde?

The University of Strathclyde has a good university ranking. It is also located within a great city.

Which aspects of the course appealed to you the most?

Studying in the UK was an opportunity I could not refuse and the course in Strathclyde is RIBA certified which was the most appealing attribute.

How does the course here at Strathclyde differ from your home university?

The teaching style is less intense, but the lecturers and tutors are ready to answer any questions.  The design studio is the most impressive. There are many opportunities for real world design simulations.  Study trips such as the trip to Venice to attend the Biennale 2018 was a great experience

Have you acquired any new unique skill sets while studying here?

The impact architecture has on people and communities. Studio 4: To Care was an eye opener on how it [architecture] can mitigate community and society issues.

What are your stand-out experiences, whether academic or social?

I must say the interaction with different students from diverse backgrounds… breeds the realisation that design and architecture is the outcome of our experiences and vast knowledge.
‘Live-Builds’ such as in the ‘International Workshop’ class will be unforgettable. It was my first hands-on project in years. The fact that it was community based made it more memorable.

What is your experience of Glasgow and Scotland?

Scotland is a beautiful country; the landscape is AMAZING! The main reason I came to the University of Strathclyde was its location in Glasgow. The people are super friendly. I vividly remember the first day here, I was stuck at the airport and a nice lady assisted me with her phone to arrange my pickup. She waited with me for over 30 minutes till I left the airport… genuinely nice people.

Would you recommend Strathclyde to others?

Yes. Studying in Strathclyde has been a thrilling challenge for me. It made me step out of my comfort zone in order to achieve my dreams. Most (especially international students) should try to do the same and they will be surprised how fast things can change for the better.  

What are your ambitions short/or long term/on completion of your degree?

Short term, work in the UK or EU for 2 -3 years to gain experience
Long Term, start my own architectural firm back in Uganda in 5 years’ time.