Kristina Enberg

BSc Hons Architectural Studies

Kristina is from Gothenburg in Sweden.  She graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Architectural Studies and is now studying for an MArch in Advanced Architectural Design

Why did you choose to study architecture?
I was interested in the built environment from a young age. When I was about 10 years old, my dad gave me a task to draw out my bedroom and to cut out all my furniture and to decide where to place it in my bedroom. I took three years between high school and Architecture school deciding what to do and eventually I thought Architecture would be the right way to go.

Why did you choose Strathclyde?
I did the IB diploma programme before studying Architecture because I wanted to study in the UK. I wanted to be in a bigger city and I was interested in Scotland because of its link to the Scandinavian culture. Glasgow is a very active city.  I came to visit before I applied and I noticed there was a strong culture of music and art. I felt it was a good place not only for architecture but in terms of all aspects of living here.

Where did you work on your Year Out?
I worked at Ryder Architecture. It was a really good practice to do my Part 1 in (professional experience) . They had a half week introduction before we started where they trained me in Revit and discussed what the brand and ethos of the company is. It is quite a large firm so they have a lot of activities that they take part in. They do design competitions between the interning students and allow you to compete for a bursary to sponsor you throughout your studies.

What is your stand out experience?
My stand out experience was my work experience. I went on a site visit and I met the clients. I also really liked to learn about all the stages of the project and seeing how a project develops from beginning to finished product.

How did your work experience change your perspective on Architecture?
I am more efficient in terms of producing the right and important drawings. I have better focus and time management skills.

What do you wish you had known before starting the course?
It is very different from what I expected it to be. I found it interesting how Architecture is connected to all fields. Even though Architecture as a profession might not your final destination it a great start to the journey.

Did you feel prepared for work experience?
It is a very different learning environment. Working and studying are two different cultures. However, the fact that in our course they have tutors that are connected to local practices allows you to learn from a professional stance.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
I am hoping that I will be involved with the user aspect of Architecture. I am interested in developing the design with users. I would like to explore participatory design. It would be interesting to analyse human behaviour and the built environment.