MSc in Sustainable Engineering: Architecture & Ecology Lim Chon Keat

Lim Chon Keat has come from Malaysia to study for an MSc in Sustainable Engineering: Architecture and Ecology


What made you choose Strathclyde?

I had the privilege to meet the professor [lecturer] and talk to him in person to further understand the nature and syllabus of the course before I enrolled the course.

Which aspects of the course appeal to you the most?

The incorporation of the sustainability theme into the course…the learning of sustainability was not only limited to technical and practical aspects but we also gained a philosophical understanding. This is very important in laying down the foundation to implement eco-centric ideas in the future.

How does the course here at Strathclyde differ from your home university?

One of the significant differences is the freedom to express. The professor provides excellent guidance while nurturing the students with the freedom to self-explore and express their own thinking and ideas.

Have you acquired any new unique skill sets while studying here?

Yes, I learnt critical thinking on various ecological issues which helped me to define the fundamental idea and further develop my thinking.

What are your stand-out experiences, whether academic or social?

One of my stand-out experiences occurred during the work placement at Arcosanti, Arizona. Academically it was a fascinating place that inspired my understanding of the relationship between architecture and ecology. While living there, I got the chance to blend into the life of the residents.

What is your experience of Glasgow and Scotland?

Scotland is a fantastic place to live in, from the mind-blowing landscape of Scottish mountains to historical Edinburgh and lovely Glasgow where I lived for the past two years. Just as described by the Glasgow City Council, ‘People Make Glasgow’: the hospitable and friendly Glaswegians made me feel so welcome.

Would you recommend Strathclyde to others?

Yes, it helped to develop me as an intellectual and provide the exposure to different thinking and philosophies.

What are your ambitions short/or long term/on completion of your degree?

I hope to get the opportunity to further develop my ecological philosophy and close the gap between humans and nature. I hope to influence people in this world to appreciate the beauty of nature and make the world more sustainable.