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Electronic & Electrical EngineeringInternational Programmes & Projects

We're a truly international community, with our staff, students and researchers coming from over 30 different countries worldwide. Our teaching, research and knowledge exchange activities are delivered in collaboration with key national and international academic, government, policy and industry partners. This ensures we're operating on a global scale.

We have one of the largest networks of international programmes for electronic and electrical engineering in the UK. These give you the chance to study and work abroad, to gain new perspectives on global issues, and broaden your education. Each year, we welcome over 150 students through these programmes as well as helping a large number of our home students to go overseas.

You can also gain hands-on experience of how our subject can make a real difference, by taking part in our international development projects.

We provide lots of different ways for you to add that international dimension to your Strathclyde experience.