Student surveysYou said, we did

Making a difference...

Your feedback matters. Here are some of the changes we've made from listening to you:

  • To provide better light in the Library, we had large, new windows installed on Levels 3, 4 and 5 of the Library building. We've also upgraded the older strip lighting to new LED lighting panels on these floors.
  • To help regulate the temperatures in the Library, we've upgraded all our windows to energy efficient triple glazing and have installed new air-handling units. This helps maintain comfortable temperatures in the building.
  • To make the Library more comfortable, we've bought and installed 70 new 'Senator' operator chairs and two 'Muse' high back privacy booths. 30 of the existing chairs have also been reupholstered.
  • We've also upgraded the flooring and paintwork of the Library entrance lobby and stairs. We've installed motion sensors at doors leading to/from the accessible lift lobby. We've also created accesibler space in Lecture Theatre CU359.
  • We worked with a PhD student to host a writers’ retreat in the Library for thesis/dissertation/assignment writing.
  • To support students' mental health and wellbeing, we've hosted in the Library various information stalls/sessions throughout the year. These include: Time To Talk in February, Mental Health Day in March, exam wellbeing and resit wellbeing, and exam wellbeing breakfasts. We add to our online and physical Wellbeing Collection.
  • The Library Nook now has puzzles and games!
  • We're upgrading some of our older PCs, adding new drives to speed them up. This includes the PC in the Family Room.
  • We've extended our Sunday opening during Summer Vacation to accommodate January intake students.
  • We're using the LibCal events calendar so that you can easily browse, search and book skills sessions. We link to this calendar from our social media and StrathApp. We have also embedded the calendar into our existing web pages so you can easily find when the skills session are running.
  • We've sped up access to new print items - 98% of priority print items are now available within 1 working day, exceeding our target of 96%.
  • We're highlighting the Reflection Room in the Library entrance foyer, as well as other spaces on campus so students know it's available for use.


  • We moved the VLE (Myplace) to new infrastructure in response to requests to make it faster. This has improved the page response times - it is now 5x faster than the previous version.
  • To give you an improved degree certificate management system, we migrated the system to the cloud, offerring improved access, new features and increased uptime.
  • We've worked on the Wi-Fi across campus and in residences to provide the best service in Scotland and third best in the UK!


  • We started sending out daily push notifications at the start of term to enrich the student experience.
  • The StrathApp team engaged with more than 1100 students during Freshers Fair, gathering requirements and hearing your opinions on StrathApp!
  • We created a Digital student card, stored on the StrathApp.

Here are some of the changes made in the Faculty of Science due to student feedback.

Pure and Applied Chemistry

  • After piloting the use of a one page revision guide (OPRG) in our examinations to facilitate a smoother return to in-person exams after the pandemic disruption, student feedback and detailed research suggested that the initiative promoted deeper-learning and better study planning, as well as the obvious examination ‘safety blanket’. Given the positive feedback form the students the OPRG will be used in 2023/24.  
  • We polled students, asking them when they would prefer their exams within the Examination Diets. Taking on board their responses, we tailored their examination scheduled which maximised gaps between examinations and also their order of preference of the examinations.
  • Students asked to see their December examination scripts. A full class feedback session was arranged, where students could see their scripts with personalised feedback, which they could take on board for the April diet of examinations.  


Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

  • Students were consulted about having class tests/quizzes schedules on Monday mornings and the response was positive.  This has now been implemented.
  • As a result of the feedback there have been several changes to project supervision for Year 5 projects.