HR Policies

A full list of HR policies and procedures is kept on the Staff section of the University's website.

Accountability and Development Review discussions take place on an annual basis between a staff member (Reviewee) and their line manager or an appropriate nominee (Reviewer). The focus of this discussion is to review performance and learning and development over the previous review year, to plan for the forthcoming review year by setting objectives which align with the University's Strategic Plan and to identify learning and development activities that will support good performance and the achievement of objectives.

Staff who have regular access to IT systems should complete their ADR form via the online system. This can be accessed via Pegasus under the Administration tab. Detailed Guidance on Completion of the Electronic ADR Form is available. For those without regular access to IT systems, an ADR Form for Support Staff in Word format is available.

The ADR Stages

Prior to the review meeting every Reviewee should reflect on the previous review year and, in preparation for the review meeting, draft wording on the following sections of the Review Record Form:

  • Contribution and achievement over the past review period (Review)
  • Progress against objectives previously set (B/F Objectives)
  • Progress against the Learning and Development Plan (L&D Plan)

The Reviewee should also consider and draft:

  • Possible performance objectives for the forthcoming review period (Objectives)
  • Possible learning and development needs for the forthcoming review period (to be added to the Learning and Development Plan)

In the Review Meeting the Reviewee and Reviewer will discuss the past review year’s performance including discussion about progress against any objectives previously set and with the Reviewer providing feedback on past performance. Appropriate objectives for the coming year should also be discussed and agreed. Progress against learning and development plans should be discussed and any learning and development activities for the coming year should be agreed.

Following the Review Meeting the Reviewer will finalise the form taking into account the discussion that has taken place. There might also be a need for the Reviewee to make some amendments or additions to the form following the discussion. When the Reviewee and Reviewer have completed and submitted the final version of the form it will be submitted to the relevant Head of Department/School/Director or nominee.

Additional Guidance