Safety, Health & WellbeingFire alarm testing

The fire warning systems within buildings are currently tested weekly in accordance with the relevant British Standard (BS 5839) which recommends that testing should be conducted during times when buildings are occupied and at the same time each week. This enables occupants to become familiar with the fire alarm signal and to facilitate the reporting of any failures or instances of poor audibility.

Test activations will operate for a ten second period approximately, which should be sufficient time for the systems to activate and test any ancillary devices and equipment, and to transmit a signal to the receiving centre.

Notices will be displayed at the entrances to buildings detailing the time at which the fire alarm will be tested.

Examination timetables and other critical events will be monitored and if appropriate fire alarm testing will be re-scheduled to avoid disruption.

If you have any comments regarding this schedule please communicate them to

Weekly fire test schedule


  • James Weir 9.30am
  • Henry Dyer 9.40am
  • Thomas Graham 9.50am
  • University Centre 10.00am
  • St Paul's 10.10am
  • Royal College 10.20am
  • Old Students Union 10.40am 


  • Curran (Including Andersonian Library) 9.30am
  • Lord Hope 9.40am
  • St James' Road 9.50am
  • Duncan Wing 10.00am
  • Stenhouse Wing 10.10am
  • Robertson Wing 10.20am
  • Hamnett Wing 10.40am
  • Strathclyde Sport 10.50am


  • Barony Hall 9.00am
  • Lord Todd 09.15am
  • Cathedral Wing 9.45am
  • Ramshorn 11.00am


  • Wolfson 8.45am
  • John Anderson 9.00am
  • Boilerhouse (Learning and Teaching) 9.50am
  • Learning and Teaching 10.00am                     


  • Technology Innovation Centre Sprinkler Test 7.45am
  • Graham Hills (including sprinkler test) 9.30am
  • Livingstone Tower 9.40am
  • Collins 9.50am
  • McCance 10.00am
  • Technology Innovation Centre 12.30pm