Strath Science Scouts

The Strath Science Scouts Programme aims to promote the study of science at school and university through peer to peer mentoring and support by Strathclyde Science students. The Programme offers activities for both primary and secondary schools:

  • Secondary schools: visits to schools to give short presentations, lead small group discussions and attend school science events
  • Primary school: visits to schools to run fun science activities and attend school science events; helping to run sessions at the University Fab Lab

Teams of Scouts will run these activities and, as far as possible, they will be encouraged to visit their former school to act as role models that pupils can easily relate to through the familiarity of shared school experiences. Both the school and the Scouts will be involved in the planning of the visit and the type of activity that will be delivered. 


Information for schools

The Strath Science Scouts offer a range of workshops and activities for young people of both Primary and Secondary school age.

Strath Science Scouts Activities are offered across a variety of science disciplines.

To arrange for the Starth Science Scouts to visit your School please email:


Information for Strathclyde Science students

Join the Strath Science Scouts Programme today and enhance your transferable skills while helping young people to develop a love for science and an understanding of its importance in our ever-changing world.

  • Learn about the general UK STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Ambassador Programme
  • Have the opportunity to return to your former school to share your experiences with pupils who are at the stage of selecting their subjects for national qualifications
  • Spread your love of science, help your local community & enhance your employability by signing up to the Programme
  • Briefing and training sessions provided throughout the year


If you're interested in becoming a Strath Science Scout email