Walking Routes

Walking route of the Month (Summer Edition)

For the summer months we have decided that instead of a set walking route of the month, we will promote an accessible outdoor day trip. We have chosen areas where there is an abundance of nature and opportunities to walk around and explore. All trips will be accessible by public transport, and you will be able to go there and back within a day. We hope that this will encourage more members of the university community to experience the beauty that Scotland has to offer just on your doorstep.

Strathclyde Sport Walking Routes

Strathclyde Sport has developed a simple grading system for our inclusive walking routes. See the table below to ensure you can choose the route that's right for you. 

Walking Route GradingMeaning Code


Easy routes are generally flat and avoid hills or steep inclines. Terrain surface will be firm.  E

Easy and Accessible 

Routes are wide and flat avoiding steep hills. Any steps present will be short and will have a handrail or a ramp alternative. You will find regular rest stops, such as benches, along the route.  E & A
Moderate  There may be steps or steeper hills included in the route. Terrain might include grass or soil which may get loose or soft underfoot after rain.  M

Includes steep hills 

The route follows a steep incline at least once.  SH

Uneven terrain 

This route will go through grass, soil, or other terrain which may become soft or uneven in rain or wet weather.  U


The route includes crossing a road. Ensure you follow the highway code when doing so.  R

Our walking route archive 22/23 can now be found in the ExHALE Resources page 

*If you like walking and would like more inspiration of walks you can do around campus then check out our Campus Tree Trail