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ExHALE (Exercise for Health, Achievement, Lifestyle and Energy). ExHALE is a support service with valuable online resources open to all members of the University community and beyond, to encourage and provide advice on activity, healthy habits and improved wellbeing.

Exercise and activity means many different things to different people, but the most important thing to remember is that any form of activity can do you good.

ExHALE is a support platform that aims to be as inclusive and accessible as possible, so we have the following suggestions for possible types of activity that you may wish to take part in. If you don't know what or how much you should be doing, here are the current government guidelines for physical activity. Government Exercise Guidelines Infographic

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ExHALE Walking Routes, designed as a guide to encourage walking both on and off campus. Our routes are varying length, effort, and intensity, so whatever you're looking for we will have a suitable option.

ExHALE workout videos, which are suitable beginners. Try them once or twice a day to improve your cardiovascular fitness and strength. We have designed these videos to be short, suitable for small spaces, and without equipment so that they can be accessible to all and fit around busy routines and additional responsibilities.

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As well as making you feel good, movement is great for your health! ExHALE encourages all forms of activity but one that is sometimes overlooked is balance training. Balance is key to being able to produce smooth, controlled movements to help avoid risks of falls, trips or injury. Try our ExHALE Balance training or ExHALE Tai Chi workout in the short videos below to see how incorporating balance training in your routine could benefit you. 



If you do want to change your lifestyle and track your progress then setting goals is a fantastic way to keep you on track as well as keep you motivated. See below for our cheat sheet guide to creating successful goals and then download the ExHALE goals and progress sheet to fill in with your own personal health and activity goals. After you've done that you can stick it up somewhere and give yourself a big clap on the back when you start hitting your goals! 

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Incorporating activity into your lifestyle can be a fantastic way to move more, save money and reduce your carbon footprint. We run regular initiatives and challenges that we hope will encourage individuals to think more about their day to day movements and create long term behaviour change. Check out our Social Activity Initiatives to see what you could get involved in to create a more active lifestyle.

Strathclyde University is also committed to active health and active travel and we have a fantastic collaboration with Ovobikes (powered by Nextbike) to give ALL staff and students within the university free membership and free unlimited rides up to 60 minutes. For more info on the scheme and how to sign up, see the Ovobike webpage.


Activity can make us feel more energetic and productive. It can also help to reduce feelings of stress and negativity. Taking small breaks throughout your working or studying day can have a positive impact on your energy levels and overall wellbeing. Giving yourself a break will improve your mood, increase your concentration, and allow you to re focus. Try out resources below if you feel like to need a boost of positive energy. First up is our desk relief video, to allow you to stretch and relieve any stiffness. Secondly we have our five minute meditation, which will allows you to take a short calming break to  focus on your wellbeing.   

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All feedback is welcome so please fill in the survey below to give us your thoughts and suggestions. For any further information please contact Strathclyde Sport's Active Lifestyle Officer Cat at:

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