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ExHALE (Exercise for Health, Achievement, Lifestyle and Energy). ExHALE is a support service with valuable online resources open to all members of the University community and beyond, to encourage and provide advice on activity, healthy habits and improved wellbeing.


Becoming more physically active is important for our overall health and wellbeing. Improving your activity habits and increasing your general movement can be beneficial for many things, including your wellbeing, your risk of illness and disease, and your energy levels. We have several accessible and inclusive resources for you to tap into, all of which are in line with the current government physical activity recommendations for adults.

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Firstly, we have our Walking Routes, designed as a guide to encourage walking both on and off campus. Our routes are varying length, effort, and intensity, so whatever you're looking for we will have a suitable option. Secondly we have our ExHALE workout videos, which are suitable for any fitness levels but particularly beginners. Try them once or twice a day to improve your cardiovascular fitness and strength. We update these videos with new exercises regularly to keep your training varied and challenging. We have designed these videos to be short, suitable for small spaces, and without equipment so that they can be accessible to all and fit around busy routines and additional responsibilities. If you're signed up to TEAM JUMP you can log your ExHALE workout and earn 400 points per workout!


Overall health and wellbeing should be a priority for all of us. ExHALE encourages varied forms of training for overall health but one that is often neglected is balance. Balance is key to being able to produce smooth, controlled movements to least risk falls or injury. In the latest government physical activity guidelines (which you can find above in the Exercise section) the goverment advises that adults, and particularly older adults, try to complete two balance improving exercise sessions per week. Try our ExHALE Balance training or ExHALE Tai Chi workout in the short videos below and for more information on the benefits of balance training read our tip sheet. 



Goal setting and positive affirmations can be a vital part of any journey into activity to allow you to track your progress, keep you focused, and aid your motivation.

See below for our cheat sheet guide to creating successful goals and then download the ExHALE goals and progress sheet to fill in with your own personal health and activity goals. 

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Activity can be a great way to be more social and taking part in group activity initiatives can be an easy way to change your lifestyle and increase your movement throughout the week. ExHALE organises two group activities every week that are free and available for all the Strathclyde community to meet up and get moving. We have our own Social Activity Initiatives calendar for social activities that you can take part in.

We have collaborated with TEAM JUMP to encourage lifestyle changes and make these activities even more worthwhile. Why not check out their webpage to see what TEAM JUMP can do for improving your lifestyle and as well as seeing which ExHALE activities earn you the most green points!


Increasing our activity levels can make us feel more energetic and productive. It can also help to reduce feelings of stress and negativity. Taking small breaks throughout your working or studying day can have a positive impact on your energy levels and overall wellbeing. Giving yourself a break will improve your mood, increase your concentration, and allow you to re focus. We have two accessible resources for you if you feel like you need to restore your postive energy. Our first resource is our five minute meditation, which will allow you to take a short calming break to restore your energy and focus on your wellbeing. Our second resource is our desk/sitting relief workout which will give you five minutes away from your desk and screen to stretch out, relieve any stiffness and soreness, and allow you to re focus.   

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