Two Civil & Environmental Engineering students wearing high vis vests on a beach in limekilns smiling and looking off camera with their classmates in the background, also wearing high vis vests, collecting samples

Upskilling @ StrathclydeEngineering Fundamentals

An insight into Engineering

Nurture and develop engineering habits of mind.

Engineering Fundamentals is a module offered by the Faculty of Engineering, here at Strathclyde.

You'll have the opportunity to develop skills which are relevant across different engineering disciplines.

You'll learn what it means to be an engineer and explore the impact engineers have on the industry and environment around them.

Course description

There will be four main areas of study within the module, combined from our departments of:

  • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  • Electronic & Electrical Engineering
  • Design, Manufacturing & Engineering Management
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering

Each area looks at generic engineering skills which are necessary, across a broad range of engineering disciplines:

Industry and the Engineer

You'll learn about industry, productivity, project planning, process optimisation and supply chains.

Engineering Mechanics

This part of the module looks at acceleration, velocity, kinematics, structured problem solving and free body diagrams.

Circuits and Digital Analysis & Design

Here you'll look at charge, current, energy & power, Kirchoff’s Laws, DC circuits, digital analysis.

Introduction to Engineering Materials

Finally, you'll explore properties of engineering materials, selection of materials, sustainability and environmental impact of material.


The course will launch/open from 31st October 2022 and will close on 16th January 2023.

It is taught exclusively online, can be accessed online anywhere, at anytime and at your own pace

All course materials will be available via our virtual learning environment. It will be delivered through a combination of self-paced study - lectures, tutorials, live sessions and online quizzes to complete. You can take the quizzes any number of times, until passed and completed.


The cost of this module is £600. A limited number of fully funded places, supported but the Scottish Funding Council are available for this module to Scottish domiciled residents.

If you are not currently a resident in Scotland, please email us at to discuss what options are available to you.   

Who can apply?

This module is ideal for:

  • individuals interested in a career in engineering or considering studying engineering in the future
  • anyone thinking about an engineering apprenticeship, or currently undertaking an apprenticeship
  • anyone interested in a Graduate Apprenticeship
  • anyone thinking about or returning to a career in engineering
  • anyone who has identified a skills gap in their current job or to support their return to employment


To apply, you'll need Maths and/or Physics Nat 5’s or Higher, or equivalent experience.


The course will be assessed in a variety of ways, including forum posts, quizzes and written assignments.

What will I get at the end of it?

The course is worth 10 credits at SCQF level 7 which you can refer to in any job or academic application. You'll receive a formal University of Strathclyde certificate of completion after the closing date of the course. 

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This course is fully-funded by the Scottish Funding Council

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