Upskilling @ StrathclydePhysics for Engineers

The Faculty of Engineering at Strathclyde is delighted to offer, Physics for Engineers.

This short course seeks to explore general principles of physics for those considering a career in engineering. It will provide tangible physics examples and principles set within the context of Engineering.

The course will be taught exclusively online and is fully funded through the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), together with support from Allan Glen’s School Education Charity, which enables us to offer it free of charge to learners who are domiciled in Scotland.

What you'll learn

The course aims to provide an understanding of physics and investigate the applications of physics in the context of engineering. The course focuses on physics topics relevant to a range of engineering disciplines and aims to develop a solid foundation of physics applicable to common engineering problems. The course encourages analytical thinking, solving problematic situations and making reasoned evaluations.

There will be 4 main sections, covering generic physics skills relevant across a broad range of engineering disciplines:

Scalar and Vector Quantities

Vector definition, vector addition,resultant vectors, vector decomposition to rectangular components

Equations of Motion

Definition of displacement, velocity and acceleration; derivation of kinematic relationships and describe motion using graphical or tabular representations. 

Force, Energy and Power

Unbalanced forces and equilibrium, free-body diagrams and moments applied to simple beams.

Electronic and Electrical Fundamentals

Alternating and direct current, potential difference, resistance, capacitance and practical voltage sources.


It is taught exclusively online, can be accessed online anywhere, at anytime and at your own pace.

It is designed around 100 hours of study. This will be supplemented by online forums and tutor support. It will allow learners the opportunity to study flexible and over a short time scale.

This module would be ideal for:

  • anyone thinking about or returning to a career in engineering
  • anyone who has identified a skills gap in their current job, wishes to reskill or to support their return to employment

Targeted at SCQF level 7 this course would support Improving Gender Balance Scotland initiatives which seek to challenge stereotypes and prevent bias in career choices or capability.

Who can apply?

To be eligible, you will have passed Nat 5 Maths AND either Nat 5 Physics or Engineering Science or equivalent qualifications.


Fully funded places are available to applicants currently living in Scotland.  These are supported by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC).

Funded places are limited, so early application is advised.

If you do not currently live in Scotland, please contact us at to discuss what options are available to you.

What will I get out of it?

This module is worth 10 credits at SCQF Level 7. You'll receive a formal University Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate when you complete the module.

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This module is closed for applications. Please check this page for updates on when the module is next available.

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