Upskilling @ StrathclydeEffective Listening Skills

What you'll learn

This module is offered by the Centre for Lifelong Learning and will cover:

  • An overview of basic counselling skills and the person-centred core conditions.
  • An introduction to the importance of self-awareness in developing effective listening skills.
  • The importance of questions – to hear and understand vs for interest.
  • An introduction to attending skills for the listener and skills practice.
  • An introduction to responding skills and skills practice.
  • Qualities of an effective helping relationship.
  • Understanding our prejudices and how they can impact on our ability to be an effective listener.
  • An introduction to change and skills practice helping the speaker with an aspect of change.
  • Goal setting and tapping into personal resources.
  • Using effective listening skills to manage disagreement and conflict in the workplace



This course will begin on Tuesday 7 May 2024. It will be delivered online on Tuesdays from 6.30pm - 8.30pm for 8 weeks.


This module will be assessed through:

  • Submission of a learning log and future plan demonstrating the ability to reflect and comment on the skills identified and developed during the class. 

Who can apply?

This course will be of interest to adults of any age who are looking to enhance their employability, particularly those who may have team leadership roles.

The content may also be appealing to those looking to enhance their personal development for use in everyday life.

Funding available

Fully funded places are available for this module supported by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Funding Council. 

What will I get at the end of it?

This course is worth 10 credits at SCQF Level 7. You'll receive a formal University Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate when you complete the module.

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Upskilling and Microcredentials modules are funded by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Funding Council.

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