Strathclyde alumni group at Dubai marathon

Alumni Groups & networks

Strathclyde’s alumni community is global. The University has groups and networks of former students based across the UK and the world; each of these is led by dedicated volunteers who arrange events and meetings, social and professional, for Strathclyde alumni in the area.

As well as providing networking opportunities, many of our groups also undertake activity in support of fundraising, student recruitment, career development and enterprise. 

Find an alumni group

There are around 20 alumni groups spread over five continents. Find out if there's an alumni group in your country.

Set up an alumni group

If an alumni group in your area doesn't already exist, support for setting up a new alumni group is available from the University. Find out how to set up an alumni group.

Apply for funding for an alumni event

Our alumni groups support the University’s enterprise, fundraising and recruitment agendas. As a committee member running an alumni group, you are invited to apply for funding to deliver events which fall under one of our areas of strategic interest.

Thanking our alumni group volunteers

In recognition of the volunteers who give up their valuable time to run the alumni groups, we award points for certain types of activity. The winning committee of volunteers are offered a dinner at the half year point and a trophy at the end of the academic year. Find out who is winning and how to earn your points for your group!