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Terms of Reference

The Executive Team was established at the meeting of Court on 23rd June and has been in operation since 1st August 2009.

The Executive Team is responsible for providing recommendations on the overall strategic direction for the University, for considering all major initiatives emerging and the resources required to support them, and for proposing these to Senate and Court as appropriate for final approval.

In particular the Executive Team is responsible for;

  • developing the overall strategic direction of the University, taking account of the resources at its disposal and the need to ensure sustainability in all aspects of University business, and making proposals on these, as appropriate, to Senate and to Court for final approval;
  • considering policy proposals on the University budget, on resource allocation priorities, on physical development, on employment and any other University business, for onward transmission and decision at Court;
  • considering policy proposals on the teaching, research and academic development and on the academic priorities of the University, and on any other matter within the remit of Senate, and for recommending these to Senate for final approval;
  • considering all major initiatives emerging from both within and outwith the University and whether or not these should be pursued, taking account of the fit with the overall University strategy, the resources required to support them, their sustainability and the overall priority to be attached to them;
  • engaging with the Court Business Group in order to consider key proposals emerging within the University before they are forwarded to Court for consideration and approval;
  • developing and maintaining a Strategic Investment Framework embracing a holistic approach to the development of major initiatives across the University, taking account of the resources required to support these, including staff, funding, information technology and estates, and also, in a similar approach, considering areas of disinvestment and proposing these to Court for approval;
  • monitoring the implementation of these major strategic developments and regularly reviewing the overall University strategy to ensure that it remains relevant and sustainable.


The Principal ex officio (Convener)
The Vice-Principal ex officio
The Deans ex officio
The Chief Operating Officer ex officio
The Chief Financial Officer ex officio

For any queries or further information regarding the Executive Team please contact the Committee Manager, Darren ThompsonStrategy and Policy Directorate, 0141 548 2658