Power Electronics & High-Voltage Direct Current

This course covers a broad range of issues revolving around the use of power electronics and their integration in power systems. An overview of all major power electronic technologies will be presented along with current implementation approaches, leading into the integration with wind energy systems and HVDC.

Course content

This course will focus on these topics:

  • Introduction to Power Electronics
  • Economics of HVDC Planning
  • Overview of Power Electronic Technologies (semiconductors, line commutated devices, diodes, thyristors, MOSFET, IGBTs)
  • Rectifier Circuits (half-wave, full wave, controlled, line commutated)
  • Power Electronic Circuits (current, basic circuits - H-Bridge, Bridge-leg - operation)
  • Overview of Power Electronic in Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  • Overview of VSC-Based HVDC Systems (control and modelling of HVDC, transient behaviour, multi-terminal HVDC)

Modes of delivery


The course is a classroom based course and can be two or three days in length depending on your needs. By adding successive days the course will contain more detail and challenge you further.