Student surveysNational Student Survey (NSS)

Make your voice heard!

The National Student Survey (NSS) provides a unique opportunity for final-year undergraduate students to share their views on their learning experience at Strathclyde. The NSS runs every year from January to April.

What is it?

The survey is an independent, UK-wide initiative carried out by market research firm Ipsos MORI on behalf of the UK funding councils. Final year undergraduates are invited to participate in the survey every year and give their views on all aspects of university life. The survey runs in the Spring each year and the core questions cover:

  • The teaching on my course
  • Learning opportunities
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Academic support
  • Organisation and management
  • Learning resources
  • Learning community
  • Student voice

Why should I complete it?

  • Your opinions matter and can lead to real change here at Strathclyde. The NSS is a powerful resource for us to use in enhancing the student experience. See some of the things our students have made happen from their student feedback!
  • You'll be helping others - the NSS results are made publically available through Discover Uni to help prospective students, their families and advisors make informed decisions of where and what to study.
  • You could win in our prize draw!

How do I complete it?

  • Once the survey opens, if you're included in the NSS cohort, Ipsos MORI will contact you, initially by email but also by phone and SMS, asking you to complete the survey. You can also complete the NSS online.
  • If you haven't heard from Ipsos MORI while the survey is running and think you should be included in the NSS cohort, please contact the Student Survey Team! Students only get one chance to complete the NSS during the course of their undergraduate studies - don't miss out!

Are my responses anonymous?

  • The University doesn't see your individual response, so please feel free to give your honest opinions!
  • The University receives aggregate reports where at least 10 respondents have completed the survey in any given breakdown (e.g. by course, department etc.).
  • All free text comments are redacted by Ipsos MORI and names of people are deleted so individuals cannot be identified.   
  • Ipsos MORI run the prize draw and notify the University of the winner at the end of the survey. The Student Survey Team will then get in touch with the lucky winner to send them their prize!